Delicious Chocolate Brownies


Who doesn’t love a good Brownie? I always follow the same recipe, which was once given to me by a former teacher – probably around 20 years ago.
I haven’t made Brownies for quite a while and came across the recipe in my notes the other week…so it was finally time for a round of Brownies :).

The recipe is so easy, even children could make it, and it doesn’t need any fancy ingredients. Why don’t you give it a try on the weekend? I’ve written it down for you below :).

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GRUB Food Fair in Manchester


Food markets and markets in general are a big passion of mine. It is the whole vibe, the relaxed environment, amazing food and handmade things that I love. I also feel that I can relate to the people that sell things that they have put so much energy and love in. The things they made are almost like their babies – you can often see in their eyes how proud they are and also sometimes a little bit nervous…who will buy something? Will people be even interested in my products?

Having had a market stall myself and having helped my mum selling her handmade things I know this feeling and it makes me so happy when I can buy handmade things at a market and support independent business. There is just something so special about it and this feeling doesn’t stay at the market, it makes me happy when I am back at home enjoying a piece of cake that I maybe bought or admiring something handmade that finds a new place in my home.

Therefore I am a big fan of GRUB in Manchester and when they opened the GRUB Food Fair I was very, very excited to go and try the delicious food and drinks on offer!
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Review: October

October for me was all about enjoying autumn. We had a few pretty nice days and enjoyed beautiful walks in the park. There also was a very stormy weekend and it was really nice to get all cozy inside.
On the blog I showed pictures and wrote about Dunham Massey Park and made Tea Cakes for my favourite Food Exchange so far – they turned out much better than I expected and I was so chuffed with them. And…to get in a bit of Halloween-mood I made spooky Cake Pops.

I also wanted to share some pictures of GRUB food fair in Manchester, which I didn’t manage to do…but I will do that this week and have also planned a few other blogposts that I hope you will enjoy. Have a great November everyone!

Halloween – Spooky Cake Pops

I am personally not the biggest Halloween fan but the other day I found this great idea on a blog called “The Cake Blog” and especially as we’re having a family-Halloween-party this year I really wanted to bake something cool for the party.
On Pinterest I have seen other Cake Pop ideas for Halloween but this is by far the best idea in my opinion and I really had to write a blogpost about it…maybe one of you is also still looking for a cool Halloween baking idea?!

I am going to make a cake or muffins and will decorate either with these Cake Pop ghosts. Having loads of the lollipop sticks at home, as well as proper Cake Pop sticks and almost all the ingredients for the ghosts I used the early Sunday morning to try out the recipe.

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The Food Exchange – Chocolate


“Is there a chance that in nearly two years of our Food-Exchange-Project we’ve never had Chocolate as one of our monthly themes?” – This was the thought that popped into my head when Lucy and I were looking for what we could bake this month.
Well, it really turns out we’ve never had used one of the most obvious baking themes ever for our Food Exchange. Time to change this, we thought…so here we are with our delicious chocolate bakes.*

Lucy’s challenge for me was making english Tea Cakes – delicious and very high calorie treats that are filled with Marshmallow fluff. They are pretty similar to the german “Schokoküsse”…and they surprisingly turned out to be one of my favourite Food Exchange bakes so far!


*If you haven’t read about Lucy’s and my project “The Food Exchange”, please have a look here for more information and lots of delicious bakes :).

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