Let’s go hiking up Mount Snowdon!

Several times over the last few weeks we were at home thinking it would have been nice to use one day of the weekend for a little trip somewhere to see something new for a day…and finally we made a plan and decided to hike up Mountain Snowdon in Wales last weekend.

The scenery and the environment around Snowdon is simply stunning and I used the time to take a few pictures that I want to show you today.

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The Food Exchange: it is getting boozy…

It is time again for the Food Exchange – like every month Lucy from lucyabakes and I look for a topic and then suggest recipes to each other. Lucy (from England, living in Germany) suggests an English recipe to me and I (from Germany, living in England) suggest a German recipe to her. This is such a great way to discover traditions and learn about delicious recipes! Every month I look forward to it!

As the headline already indicates: this will be our first Food Exchange that involves somehow incorporating alcohol in the baking process.
Lucy suggested Guinness cake to me and I found a recipe for it in my Paul Hollywood baking book. I had never made Guinness cake before so I was quite excited to make it.
The result are pretty little cakes that even look a bit like Guinness – dark at the bottom and light at the top. Funnily enough this is also exactly like they taste: a dark and malty cake covered with a light, fluffy topping.
Have a go at the recipe below, the cakes taste delicious!


Bye bye July, Hi August

July brought a bit of sunshine to Manchester, which was really, really nice! We enjoyed more time outside than usual, which was an unexpected bonus.

Incredibly, Lucy’s and my project the Food Exchange turned one, so we used the time to celebrate and baked more cakes – I made an english classic: Collin the caterpillar.

I also found time to show you my favourite summer salad ever, with goats cheese, caramelised peaches and beef.

One one of the less rainy days this month I made Mozartkugeln and showed you some pictures of our trip to Salzburg and when the weather got better again I showed you a recipe for delicious raspberry cheesecake that we enjoyed in the garden.

We had a good, quite relaxed month and now I am looking forward to August. I will celebrate my birthday and meet great friends and my dad during a day trip to Berlin – I am so excited! Also we will do a bit of hiking and I will have my first cake stall at a sports event. I can’t wait! :)

Have a great month!

#ichbacksmir – raspberry cheesecake

Raspberries are my favorite fruit ever! I love them and I find it hard to resist buying them outside the Raspberry season, in fact often I can’t resist and just buy them. I don’t even care that they are not as sweet – Raspberries in any form are just the best!

So when Clara from tastesheriff announced that this month’s #ichbacksmir-topic would be BERRIES I was delighted, as you can imagine.

Normally I am not the biggest fan of cheesecake but I found this recipe in the German magazine “Deli” and it looked and sounded really good – so I gave it a try.
Surprisingly – for someone that would normally not go for cheesecake – I really liked the cake and everyone else that tried enjoyed it too. Have a look at the recipe below, it is really not complicated!

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Summer salad á la Annika

Back when I was still a student a few years ago I went round to my friend Annika’s house for dinner one summer evening. She prepared a summer salad with fresh peaches and fried sliced beef – all I can say is it was soooo good and still now it is my favorite salad for summer!
I never had a recipe for it and I tend to forget the ingredients every year – so every year during the first warmer days in spring my friend receives a message that reads roughly like this: “Hey, what are the ingredients for my favorite summer salad again?” – although she was even the one that reminded me this year by sending me pictures of the first summer salad for 2016 – to me this means summer has officially started :)
So, to not forget the ingredients again (although it is kind of a tradition now :)) I decided to finally write them down, here on the blog.


There is no trip to Salzburg without buying Mozartkugeln :)

In spring this year we went to Salzburg for a day during our trip to Bavaria. Salzburg is only one hour away by car so I have been a couple of times and every time I go I really enjoy it.
When I think of Salzburg I automatically think of Mozartkugeln and although I really like the city the most important thing for me when I’m there is to buy a sufficient amount of the little treats as they are just something special to me. I just love them – I think my dad let me try one many years ago and since then I am just mad for them.
Mozartkugeln? I am not sure whether they are well known in England…so I thought they (and Salzburg as well) are worth a blogpost so that you either can make them yourself or don’t miss to buy them should you go to Austria…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


The Food Exchange: Happy Birthday & an English favourite

One year ago Lucy and I met virtually via blogging and started our Food Exchange project together. As most of you will know already Lucy and I every month exchange a recipe about a certain topic, bake it and write about it on the post.
So this is our one-year-anniversary and I truly enjoy it every time. It’s fun and interesting to bake things that I normally maybe wouldn’t. It allows me to discover new recipes and learn about English traditions. In a nutshell: I love it!

Talking about traditions: Lucy’s Birthday recipe for me was a complete eye-opener. I have seen this kind of cake before in various super markets but I never thought it was an English classic – in fact, sometimes I found the “face” of Colin the caterpillar a little too scary. I researched a bit and asked my English family and they were quite stunned that I didn’t know it.
Colin was first sold by Marks & Spencer in the ’90s and the Telegraph says “We all know that a children’s party isn’t a real party without a Colin the Caterpillar cake.”- so it was definitely time to make one myself :)


Good bye June – Heyho July!

July? The seventh month of the year???! I still can’t believe that half the year 2016 is over already!
But before I talk about July let’s have a look at what happened in June: Actually there was quite a bit of baking going on in my kitchen – For June’s Food Exchange Lucy suggested a raspberry custard tart with thyme to me…so delicious! I made German Mandelhörnchen for a dear friend and we went for a wonderful picnic with sandwiches and homemade lemonade at Tatton Park, Manchester.
One lazy Sunday we made pancakes and I shared the recipe here on the blog. But the post closest to my heart this month was the last one where I told you about my time in Argentina and posted a recipe for delicious Alfajores :).

July will bring one year Food Exchange-Anniversary for Lucy and myself – how exciting!
Apart from that I want to show you a few pictures of some changes we made in our kitchen and I have a few recipes that I definitely want to share with you!
Until then I hope you have a fabulous weekend and hopefully better weather than it currently is here in Manchester.

Love, Greta.

Viva Argentina! or: lets make Alfajores

This week’s blog post means a lot to me. When Clara from tastesheriff posted the new ‘ichbacksmir’-topic wanderlust I literally needed a few seconds to know what I could bake for this topic.
Wanderlust hits me when I think of Argentina. Four years ago I went there for my year abroad and what started as a very scary adventure turned out as one of the greatest experiences in my life.
My time in Argentina wouldn’t have been the same without alfajores – two biscuits filled with dulce de leche, either coated with chocolate or with desiccated coconut. You can buy them in every bakery or super market in Argentina and now I finally managed to make them myself. Please find the recipe below, they are really worth the effort and tasted like proper Argentinean Alfajores :).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Continue reading

Pancakes – I’ve loved them all my life

One of the first things I can remember from my childhood is my granny making pancakes for my grandad, my brothers and myself. Thinking back it always was a joy for everyone: For my grandad because he just loves to sit and eat with us (until he gets up and moves to the couch right after the meal :)); for my granny because she loves how much we love to eat her pancakes and of course for us kids – because granny’s pancakes are just the best!
The last couple of years my two brothers and I didn’t often manage to meet at granny’s for pancakes – but if we find a rare occasion when all of us are in town it is a feast!
Our friends know granny’s pancakes and often they would come with us and granny would never complain about the amount of pancakes she had to bake.
So it is no surprise that I absolutely love pancakes and whenever I have the chance I make them – not for lunch but more for brunch mainly when we have visitors.
Pancakes are great as most of the ingredients you will have at home anyway so you can spontaneously decide to make them this Sunday morning :).
You can find the recipe I always use below.