Our little girl’s room


Our little girl will soon be a year old and finally I manage to show a few pictures of her room :).
We had a lot of fun thinking about what kind of room to create for our daughter Frieda and although it is certainly not the most important thing for a baby to have her own room right from the start, we loved doing it.
Some of you may be wondering why one wall in her room is blue although she is a little girl :). The reason for this is that we didn’t want a typical boy’s or girl’s room – we wanted something a little more neutral. Also we decided not to find out whether we were having a boy or a girl.

The inspiration for Frieda’s room came from my little brother’s room that was created in a very similar way nearly 19 years ago: We wanted to create a lovely sky with stars by painting one wall in blue. So the sky, the stars…etc. – that was our theme.
A few of the details of the items in Frieda’s room are handmade in a very simple and affordable but (I think :)) nice and fun way and I wanted to show to you what and how we’ve done it in this post.

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My mini Battenberg Cake


I think in my family the marzipan-fans clearly outweigh the non-marzipan-fans. Especially around winter-time there are quite a few people you can make very happy by offering them some marzipan :). One of these people is my stepdad and when I went over to Germany for a surprise Birthday visit I took with me a Birthday-Battenberg-cake which I made the day before.  Continue reading

Review: January

So this was it – January 2018, the first month of an exciting year that lies ahead.

Due to the Christmas holidays it was a little quiet on the blog but there was still a bit of baking, as well as travelling inspiration on the blog going on :).

January, the quiet month after Christmas…this year it seemed to be so quiet that it went by quicker than I anticipated!
But now, let’s leave January behind us and embrace the new month! Although I will be away to see family and friends in February there will still be new posts on the blog…it will involve baking and handmade things – and maybe I will finally manage to show you our little girl’s room. I’m excited!
For now though, have a great start to the new month!


Berlin, my love!

Berlin is my favourite German city and I can’t go there often enough – having family and great friends over there makes it even better.
I am lucky enough to have been there three times in the last twelve months and every time I go it is the perfect mixture of discovering new places and going back to old places that I love.
Whenever I go to Berlin I take my camera to snap a few pictures and although this won’t be a full on guide I just wanted to share some pictures with you today as well as telling you about a few places in Berlin that I love.


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Winter Wonderland cake

As much as I am looking forward to some warmer weather…I still love winter when it is crisp and cold and maybe even snowing a little bit.
Around Christmas I made a Winter Wonderland cake, that fits all around the cold months and will look great on a coffee table in January or February.

Whilst I love baking I can be VERY clumsy when it comes to decorating cakes and although this cake is certainly nowhere near perfect, I was very happy and a little bit proud with how it turned out :).
The cake was first made by my stepdad as a birthday cake for my mum and I loved the taste…I mean, the filling is made with Prosecco – what is not to like?! ;). As the original recipe was a Thermomix recipe and as I couldn’t get all the ingredients here in England I adapted the recipe a little bit and wrote it down for you in this post.


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Welcome 2018


Welcome 2018! This will be my fourth year writing this blog – and I still love it! (I just had to double check whether four years are correct because I couldn’t quite believe it :))

2017 was an exciting year for us as a family and after buying a house and welcoming our little daughter I took a few months off blogging. This time off was good, I enjoyed it – but I also was so excited to start blogging again.

2018 will be another exciting year for me and I can’t wait to share more pictures of handmade things, cakes, our travels…and much more. Also, I am looking forward to discovering more interesting and creative blogs, as well as I am excited to continue following the blogs I have discovered so far.

I hope you all had a nice time off during Christmas and New Years Eve – let’s start again now being creative and let’s discover new recipes, tutorials, places to go and so much more. 🙂