Winter Wonderland cake

As much as I am looking forward to some warmer weather…I still love winter when it is crisp and cold and maybe even snowing a little bit.
Around Christmas I made a Winter Wonderland cake, that fits all around the cold months and will look great on a coffee table in January or February.

Whilst I love baking I can be VERY clumsy when it comes to decorating cakes and although this cake is certainly nowhere near perfect, I was very happy and a little bit proud with how it turned out :).
The cake was first made by my stepdad as a birthday cake for my mum and I loved the taste…I mean, the filling is made with Prosecco – what is not to like?! ;). As the original recipe was a Thermomix recipe and as I couldn’t get all the ingredients here in England I adapted the recipe a little bit and wrote it down for you in this post.


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Welcome 2018


Welcome 2018! This will be my fourth year writing this blog – and I still love it! (I just had to double check whether four years are correct because I couldn’t quite believe it :))

2017 was an exciting year for us as a family and after buying a house and welcoming our little daughter I took a few months off blogging. This time off was good, I enjoyed it – but I also was so excited to start blogging again.

2018 will be another exciting year for me and I can’t wait to share more pictures of handmade things, cakes, our travels…and much more. Also, I am looking forward to discovering more interesting and creative blogs, as well as I am excited to continue following the blogs I have discovered so far.

I hope you all had a nice time off during Christmas and New Years Eve – let’s start again now being creative and let’s discover new recipes, tutorials, places to go and so much more. 🙂

DIY Last minute Christmas cards


In less than a week all the madness around Christmas preparations will be over and we will hopefully all enjoy some quality time with family, loads of food gifts and laughter. Until then some of you still might have to organise a few cards or gift tags and so I thought I would show you an idea about how to make lovely cards or tags by just using material you might have at home already.

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There is no Christmas without baking Hazelnut Macaroons!


At Christmas time something would be missing for me if I couldn’t bake traditional German and Austrian Christmas biscuits – there are so many different one’s and if I had the time I would like to make at least 10 different kinds of biscuits.  This year we managed to bake five different kinds. We made them last Sunday and now they’re all “hidden” away so that they don’t go quite so quickly. Many of them we will give as small gifts to family and friends…but some of the biscuits are for us to enjoy on the weekend :).

There is one kind of biscuit that I make every year – my dad’s and my favourite one’s: Hazelnut Macaroons. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without them :).
I use my dad’s recipe and the amazing thing is you only need four ingredients to make them. It is 10 days until Christmas so I thought I’d share the recipe with you – there is still plenty of time to make them.
Soooo…have a look at the recipe below, grab the ingredients and a bowl (you will only need one! Not too much to clean up then! ;)) and get started..

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It’s Christmas Time – It’s gift wrapping time!


This is already the third Christmas that I am writing this blog – and it is the third time I am showing you how I wrap my Christmas presents.
Although it is a chore to many people, I love wrapping gifts and for Birthdays etc. where you only wrap one gift I love picking out special wrapping paper. For Christmas when I have to wrap quite a few gifts, however, I prefer to use wrapping paper that is not as expensive. To make the gifts still look special every year I think of new ideas how I can make the wrapped presents still look special and pretty – in the end it doesn’t mean the wrapped presents can’t look nice just because you’re not spending a huge amount on wrapping paper.
I hope you like my – maybe a little bit unconventional and bright – idea to wrap presents. Please find more info about how I did it below :).
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Review: November

As I will be in Germany for the next 10 days this is going to be a bit of an early review of November – somehow it is fitting though, as I am already in a christmassy mood and I can’t wait for December :).

In November I finally managed to write about the GRUB food fair in Manchester, I shared my favourite Brownie recipe with you and I showed you how I made an autumnal birthday card that you can make by using things you will most probably have at home anyway.

In December I am going to show you how I wrap my Christmas presents without spending a lot of money on wrapping material and I am definitely going to bake Christmas cookies.
December is going to be all about Christmas in my family and I think it is going to be great. Enjoy the last days in November and I hope you are looking forward to December! 🙂