The Food Exchange – 3 years??!! Let’s celebrate with chocolate cake!


This month 3 years ago Lucy and I started our project called “The Food Exchange”. I actually had to double check if it has really been three years already because I couldn’t believe it. But it really is true – and a lot has happened in the meantime:
We both had a baby, bought a house and traveled quite a bit (mainly between Germany and England). It truly has been an exciting 3 years.
And amongst all the things happening we kept on doing the Food Exchange. And I can say for myself that I absolutely love it…I have baked so many things that I otherwise would never have made and I can honestly say that I am looking forward to it every single month.
Apart from that – and more importantly – I have found an amazing friend Lucy. Funnily enough we have never met in person (although I can’t wait to finally do this), but have become friends through writing messages to each other…almost old-fashioned like a letter friend ;).

Anyway, obviously this month had to be a Birthday theme and Lucy asked me to make a chocolate cake, and believe it or not I have never made a typically English chocolate cake before…

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Review: June

Another month is gone and between work and looking after our little girl managing to blog once a week doesn’t always work out…but in my opinion that doesn’t matter as long as it is still fun and enjoyable.
So…my two blogposts this months were about how I made scotch eggs for the first time (clear recommendation: make some, it is well doable!) and I also showed you how I made  some boring brown paper look pretty by using potato printing and wrapping a birthday gift with it.

Next month is going to be The Food Exchange’s 3 year anniversary. How exciting!

DIY Gift Wrap


Recently we were invited to a 60th Birthday and I was looking for a simple way to make the plain brown paper I found in my crafting-drawer look a bit nicer.
The birthday present was for my father-in-law so it didn’t have to be as colorful as I would have wanted it to be for a girl.
I had a quick look at the supplies I could find at home and got started…

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The Food Exchange – Enjoy your picnic with Scotch Eggs


The weather last weekend was perfect for a picnic – and although we didn’t go far, the little picnic in our garden was soooo good!
As you may have gathered by now – this months Food Exchange theme is…. PICNIC :).

Lucy’s challenge for me this month was to make Scotch Eggs. Another challenge that was absolutely new to me – and this is exactly what I love so much about our project!

(If this is the first time you read about Lucy’s and my Food Exchange project, just have a look here:)).

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Review: May

May here on the blog was all about a very special first Birthday :). I managed to write about my first naked cake and a slightly healthier version without refined sugar. Both posts with the recipes and more pictures you can find here for the naked cake and here for the refined sugar free cake. Enjoy!

In June I want to show you a small tutorial for a cool Birthday-wrapping-paper, there will be a Food Exchange-post perfect for the amazing warm weather and more! I hope you will enjoy it and stop by for a little read :).

Have a great June!

The first Birthday continued (with a refined sugar free cake) II


After last weeks Birthday-post about my first semi-naked cake which was a bit of a sugar bomb (although VERY delicious), this weeks post is about a cake that is a little bit more healthy – but still really, really yummy!

We wanted to try and keep our little daughter away from refined sugar for as long as possible so a couple of months ago I started researching in order to find a recipe for a refined sugar free cake that actually tastes nice. In the end I combined a few recipes so that it worked perfectly for me. I wanted the cake to be healthy but not taste too healthy, and for us this is the case: Our daughter loves the cake, and so do we!

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