Beautiful Lisbon {II}

Last week I already told you here about our summer holiday in Lisbon and about how much we enjoyed our time in Portugal.
Today I would like to show you some more pictures of this beautiful city including a few things I enjoyed in particular.


Our third day in Lisbon started with a 15 minute trip on the train to Belem, a district in the western part of the city. We got off the train and walked along the River Tagus towards the centre of Belem. It was still before noon and the sky and the river were just so wonderfully blue…and the view of the bridge was amazing.

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5 Days in Lisbon – our summer holiday {I}

Back in January we booked our summer holiday for 2016 and chose Lisbon as our destination. After booking the flights and finding a hotel that looked stunning we spent the last months looking forward to September and to our late summer holiday.
Two weeks ago we finally made our way to Lisbon and had five wonderful days in Portugal’s capital city.
Today and over the coming weeks and months I want to show you some of the pictures we took and tell you about our holiday. I will also write about the small boutique hotel we stayed at. It is definitely worth an extra post.
At the end of the post I will also recommend a few places and shops that I loved.
I hope you enjoy having a look at the pics :).


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My first cake stall :)

As you all know I love baking (not really a secret, but I thought I’d just mention it again ;)). For quite a while I’ve fancied selling my cakes and maybe other handmade things on the markets around Manchester – but for some reason I was never brave enough to give it a go.
This is why I was more than happy when I was asked to bake some cakes for an event to raise money for a local sports team and charities. I thought it could give me the chance to see how it goes and to get a feeling for the whole cake-selling business.
So one Saturday in August I baked 5 different cakes and took them to a massive green field on the Sunday to set up my first cake stall.


The Food Exchange – fresh fruit is always a good idea!

I actually cannot believe that this is already the ninth Food Exchange this year – is it really September yet??!?
For this months Food Exchange* Lucy from lucyabakes and I decided to suggest each other recipes that contain some sort of stone fruit. Lucy gave me the challenge to bake a peach and raspberry sponge pudding.
The recipe is perfect for autumn or late summer – here in England there are days when you can already smell the smoking chimney and hear the fallen leaves rustling when walking down the park as Autumn approaches. When you then come home to an amazing smelling dish that is warm and comforting it kind of completes the day in a really nice way.


Klunkerkranich – a stunning rooftop terrace in Berlin

This August I went to Berlin for a 24-hour trip to meet two of my best friends and my dad. I loved just being able to get on the plane in Manchester with my hand bag and a cup of hot chocolate. At 10 am I landed in Berlin and was picked up by a friend that I hadn’t seen for two years. Together with a few other friends we ended up at the Klunkerkranich in Berlin Neukölln to have breakfast.
The weather wasn’t brilliant, as you can see, but I managed to take a few pictures.


Bye Bye August, Hi September!

August was a very eventful month, which is why I didn’t post as much as I would have liked. I went to Berlin and to London (blogposts are yet to come), I celebrated my birthday and we hiked Mount Snowdon. And last but not least I had my first ever cake stall – which was a lot of fun and really quite promising.

Apart from my blogpost about our hike to Mount Snowdon and the stunning landscape of Wales, I made Guinness cakes for the first time – and they were sooo good! And for those of you that want to go for something a bit more savoury I made a caramelized onion tart.

In September I will bake with stone fruit, I will write about a great rooftop bar in Berlin and maybe I find the time to show you some pictures of my first cake stall.

Here’s to a great September!


Caramelised onion tarte

I love puff pastry! You can do so much with it: you can use it for sweet or savoury dishes, you can roll it, top it with ingredients or even let it be the top of a dish to add a nice crust to it. Another plus is, that you can always have it in your freezer, ready to knock up a spontaneous meal.

For my birthday I got an amazing cookbook from a German cook (it is called ‘Greenbox‘ by Tim Maelzer) and there is an amazing recipe for an onion tarte. Unfortunately I didn’t have all the ingredients at home, so I made up my own version that I would like to share with you today. It is super quick to make, delicious and if you have onions, creme fraiche and puff pastry at home you don’t need much more.

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Let’s go hiking up Mount Snowdon!

Several times over the last few weeks we were at home thinking it would have been nice to use one day of the weekend for a little trip somewhere to see something new for a day…and finally we made a plan and decided to hike up Mountain Snowdon in Wales last weekend.

The scenery and the environment around Snowdon is simply stunning and I used the time to take a few pictures that I want to show you today.

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The Food Exchange: it is getting boozy…

It is time again for the Food Exchange – like every month Lucy from lucyabakes and I look for a topic and then suggest recipes to each other. Lucy (from England, living in Germany) suggests an English recipe to me and I (from Germany, living in England) suggest a German recipe to her. This is such a great way to discover traditions and learn about delicious recipes! Every month I look forward to it!

As the headline already indicates: this will be our first Food Exchange that involves somehow incorporating alcohol in the baking process.
Lucy suggested Guinness cake to me and I found a recipe for it in my Paul Hollywood baking book. I had never made Guinness cake before so I was quite excited to make it.
The result are pretty little cakes that even look a bit like Guinness – dark at the bottom and light at the top. Funnily enough this is also exactly like they taste: a dark and malty cake covered with a light, fluffy topping.
Have a go at the recipe below, the cakes taste delicious!


Bye bye July, Hi August

July brought a bit of sunshine to Manchester, which was really, really nice! We enjoyed more time outside than usual, which was an unexpected bonus.

Incredibly, Lucy’s and my project the Food Exchange turned one, so we used the time to celebrate and baked more cakes – I made an english classic: Collin the caterpillar.

I also found time to show you my favourite summer salad ever, with goats cheese, caramelised peaches and beef.

One one of the less rainy days this month I made Mozartkugeln and showed you some pictures of our trip to Salzburg and when the weather got better again I showed you a recipe for delicious raspberry cheesecake that we enjoyed in the garden.

We had a good, quite relaxed month and now I am looking forward to August. I will celebrate my birthday and meet great friends and my dad during a day trip to Berlin – I am so excited! Also we will do a bit of hiking and I will have my first cake stall at a sports event. I can’t wait! :)

Have a great month!