Light and Airy Quark Pastries


I hope you enjoyed these last couple of days that were so warm and lovely! Today I am looking outside and it is raining…all I can say is that I hope this was not all for this summer – I hope there are plenty of warm days that lie ahead :).

…and for these warm days I have a recipe idea for you that I found last year in a German food magazine called ‘Deli’. These cute quark pastries are filled with raspberries and a delicious cream cheese filling. They are quick and easy to make and also easy to eat – so they’re perfect to take to a garden party or a picnic.

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The Food Exchange: Raspberry and Thyme Custard Tart

Winter has definitely gone now and although the weather could be better, Lucy and I decided that it is time for light and fruity tarts this month.

For people that don’t know our Food Exchange yet have a look here for the other recipes. Every month I provide Lucy from with a German recipe, and she suggests a English recipe for me to bake – and once the delicious bakes have been made we write about it on our blogs.

This months bake for me was a Raspberry and Thyme Tart from Delicious Magazine that really tastes of summer!


A cheese board without candied figs? No…not happening!

It is a running gag in my family that with any cheese board candied figs need to be served. That comes from a meal in a restaurant where we ordered a cheese board a couple of months ago and the candied figs were described absolutely beautiful in the menu. Unfortunately though the cheese board was tiny…and there were no candied figs at all.
Since then I really wanted to make candied figs myself and since it is fig-season now I decided to finally make them and combine them with a cheese board (of course) and great food from Mallorca.
We spent a lovely time on the island and I want to show a few pictures that I took there and share a recipe for the candied figs with you today.

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Once again I’m a year older: what a great birthday!

Last weekend was my 27th birthday and I had such a great time that I really want to share some pictures with you today.
I spent the weekend with my English- and parts of my German family. Amongst of other things we had a garden party on Sunday and it was much fun to prepare, bake and cook. I took many pictures and many of the dishes that we prepared inspired me to new blogpost that are yet to be written.

Looking at the pictures I thought they’re quite self-explanatory, so I don’t think I have to write a lot about it 🙂
I had a wonderful birthday and realized once again that I am surrounded by great people!

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Strawberry jam with a touch of fresh mint and a easy-peasy desert

Earlier this month I showed you pictures and a recipe of the first Jam Tarts I’ve made (*click*). In that post I mentioned that I used homemade strawberry-mint jam and got a few messages from people asking for the recipe.
…Therefore I want to share the recipe of this super-easy jam with you today. I used the leftover jam from the tarts to make a really simple dessert. The mint in the jam gives it a little extra kick.

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The Top10 things I love and enjoy doing this summer

Often I have to remind myself that it is actually summer at the moment as the weather most of the time is not too summery here in Manchester. So I thought that, if the weather doesn’t give me that summery feeling, I need to find other ways to make me feel surrounded by summer everyday. And because I couldn’t live my life without a good list every now and then I decided to make and share a Top10-list of things that I love, that I enjoy or that I would like to have this summer.

Click ‘continue reading’ to find my thoughts to each picture and click on the colored links to find more infos to each item :).


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