A very exciting first Birthday including cake (of course!) I

How very exciting! Our daughter turned 1 a few weeks ago!
We spent a super lovely Birthday-weekend with family and it was truly special.

Of course, there is no Birthday without cakes so for the guests my mum, my step dad and I prepared a cake buffet with various cakes. I made two cakes for the buffet. One of them was a semi-naked sponge cake filled with buttercream and raspberry jam (the jam I accidentally ‘stole’ from my mum, she wanted to use it for another cake – ooops :)).

The other cake I made was without refined sugar, but it still tastes like a normal cake and I don’t think you miss the sugar at all (promise!).

But we’ll start with the sponge cake for this week…

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Review: April

April has just flown by! It has been my last month of maternity leave and we had quite a lot of great exciting things going on – not only did we pay a visit to family and friends to Germany, we also celebrated our daughter’s first Birthday.

In April I wrote about a lovely day trip to Llandudno in Wales and for the sweet tooth there was a recipe for lovely little raspberry pastries :).

In May I would like to write about our little girl’s first Birthday – it was such a special day to us!

Light and Airy Quark Pastries


I hope you enjoyed these last couple of days that were so warm and lovely! Today I am looking outside and it is raining…all I can say is that I hope this was not all for this summer – I hope there are plenty of warm days that lie ahead :).

…and for these warm days I have a recipe idea for you that I found last year in a German food magazine called ‘Deli’. These cute quark pastries are filled with raspberries and a delicious cream cheese filling. They are quick and easy to make and also easy to eat – so they’re perfect to take to a garden party or a picnic.

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A day in Llandudno


About 1.5 hours drive from Manchester there is a seaside resort in Wales called Llandudno. When we went there last summer it was a fairly warm but very cloudy and foggy day.

It was a lovely family day out and I managed to take some pictures. As you can see there was definitely a lack of sunshine on that day – but I was still so impressed by the lovely bright colours of the gras, the flowers and the sea!

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Review: March

Better late than never…here is my little review for March.

Finally a bit more time to spend in the kitchen…a bit more baking in March – which I loved very much!
Lucy and I did the Food Exchange and I made a Lemon Drizzle Cake and Fudge for Easter. It is so much fun, have a look here what it is all about if you’re interested!
I also showed some pictures of a trip to Blackpool with its blue skies, colourful funfair and fun seaside atmosphere.
Oh, and if you need a super quick recipe for a sweet treat, have a look here for my idea what you can do with puff pastry and cream.

April is going to be very busy so I don’t know yet how much I will actually be able to write here on the blog – but I will try my best. I am going to visit family in Germany and there is going to be our little girl’s first birthday…I am very excited!
Have a great April everyone!

The Food Exchange – Enjoy some Fudge this Easter!


It is time for Lucya from Lucya Bakes and my monthly Food Exchange. This time we are a little bit early but we really wanted to post before Easter to give you a little inspiration with regards to some homemade or home baked gifts.
If this is the first time that you hear about the Food Exchange, here you can read all about it.

This April’s Food Exchange is another example why I love this project of Lucy and myself! I get to make things that often I – for whatever reason – have never made before. For April Lucy asked me to make Fudge – a very English kind of sugar candy. Continue reading