Review: August

August is over and after my break I have really enjoyed getting into blogging again. As before I love baking and trying out new recipes – now with the help of my tiny little helper Frieda :).

In August I made Queen of Puddings for the monthly Food Exchange. It kept being a very sweet month with my When life gives you lemons… series in which I made Lemon Curd, showed you a way of decorating the jars for the curd and made a Lemon Chiffon cake.

In September there will be more bakes and I will show you impressions of places I have just been to and absolutely loved.

Have a wonderful September…it looks like autumn is not too far away, so it is time for getting cozy inside :).

When life gives you lemons… (III)


After Part I and Part II of my small lemon-series of blogposts today in Part III it is all about cake. I’ve made a few lemon cakes before but I wanted to try a new recipe this time. So, I looked at all my recipe books and found a Martha Stewart recipe for a Lemon Chiffon Cake – Now, this is definitely a cake I hadn’t heard before so I just had to give this American classic a try.
I adapted the recipe a bit as I didn’t have all the ingredients at home but it worked really well, so I decided to post my version here on the blog.
The cake is sooooo fluffy – enjoy 🙂

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When life gives you lemons… (II)


After writing about Lemon Curd last week I want to continue with the second lemon-related post today.
I had the idea to make a lemon-related mini version of a gift basket so after making the Lemon Curd as a second step I started decorating the jars.
I decorated the jars in a very simple way but thought it is still worth showing, as it didn’t involve the usual sticker and I think it looks quite nice and is a little bit different.
Please have a look below for a few more details :).

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When live gives you lemons… (I)


Recently my in-laws brought a couple of lemons home from their holiday in Greece – this may sound a little strange but we’re talking about hand picked, massive lemons that smelled incredible. Clearly this is the perfect souvenir for me and I immediately started thinking what I could make with them.
Lemon Curd was one thing that immediately popped into my head, a lemon cake was another thing – although I at first didn’t know what kind of lemon cake I should make. Luckily there was enough lemon juice to make both things and in the end I even had enough time to decorate the jars a bit.

Because it was so much fun to have this small lemon-project, I decided to write about it and show you what I have done. Today I am starting with part one out of three: When life gives you lemons…make Lemon Curd. This is a very simple recipe that I always use, but I think it is perfect as it is and doesn’t need any fancy ingredients.

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The Food Exchange – Summer Puddings

Lucy and I are back again with our Food Exchange after a five month long break.
For everyone who doesn’t know what the Food Exchange is all about yet, please have a look here. This is were you can also find all our previous challenges if you are after some inspiration.

The perfect theme for Summer (to enjoy it – if you are in Germany … to wish it would finally come – if you are here in Manchester) is of course “Summer Puddings“.

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I’m back…


…finally and with lots of ideas and passion for new blogposts!

The last couple of months were full of exciting, wonderful news – the most exciting thing that happened by far is lying right next to me, smiling and making my heart melt every day over and over again: our beautiful daughter Frieda.
Frieda was born 3 months ago and for all that time we were busy getting to know her, spending as much time as possible with her and giving her all our love.

But even before that life got the better of me and all my plans to write new articles here as we bought our first house and moved in only a few weeks before Frieda was born. It was a crazy but very special and great time as well and thanks to the amazing help of family and friends we are were we are now.

Anyway, now I’m back and I can’t wait to get into blogging again. I’m starting next week with one of my favourite things: The Food Exchange with Lucya from Lucya bakes.
Apart from that I tried out a few more new recipes, travelled a bit and spent some time crafting – so loads of things I cannot wait to share with you!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog!
Lots of love,