Welcome 2018


Welcome 2018! This will be my fourth year writing this blog – and I still love it! (I just had to double check whether four years are correct because I couldn’t quite believe it :))

2017 was an exciting year for us as a family and after buying a house and welcoming our little daughter I took a few months off blogging. This time off was good, I enjoyed it – but I also was so excited to start blogging again.

2018 will be another exciting year for me and I can’t wait to share more pictures of handmade things, cakes, our travels…and much more. Also, I am looking forward to discovering more interesting and creative blogs, as well as I am excited to continue following the blogs I have discovered so far.

I hope you all had a nice time off during Christmas and New Years Eve – let’s start again now being creative and let’s discover new recipes, tutorials, places to go and so much more. 🙂

Review: November

As I will be in Germany for the next 10 days this is going to be a bit of an early review of November – somehow it is fitting though, as I am already in a christmassy mood and I can’t wait for December :).

In November I finally managed to write about the GRUB food fair in Manchester, I shared my favourite Brownie recipe with you and I showed you how I made an autumnal birthday card that you can make by using things you will most probably have at home anyway.

In December I am going to show you how I wrap my Christmas presents without spending a lot of money on wrapping material and I am definitely going to bake Christmas cookies.
December is going to be all about Christmas in my family and I think it is going to be great. Enjoy the last days in November and I hope you are looking forward to December! 🙂

Snow flurry {Schneegestöber} – a recipe for a rich chocolate cake with a snow-like topping

Snow flurry  {Schneegestöber} is this months topic for the monthly #ichbacksmir-challenge organised by the lovely Clara from tastesheriff.

Reading about the topic for the first time I thought “I wish” as we are far away from really snowy-weather here in the northwest of England at the moment (apart from one day when it snowed a little bit). Just another reason to bake a cake about that topic to get in a bit of a wintry mood.
I found a recipe for a Chocolate and Hazelnut Meringue Cake that fit the description perfectly. It involved a dark chocolate cake base with a meringue topping, covering it like a white, comforting, snowy blanket.

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A winter without soup is like summer without ice cream!

One of the things I love most about winter is getting cozy and warm inside…and if I can enjoy this coziness with a bowl of hot soup I am happy!
This last weekend it finally got a bit colder here in Manchester, the time before it was quite warm but very wet. I clearly prefer cold days to rainy ones – this weather is perfect for soups! So I had a look at the New Covent Garden Food cook book “A Soup for every day” which I got for Christmas. It has sooooo many recipes and they all look really, really good. We finally decided on one recipe and loved the soup so much that I really want to share the recipe for this Artichoke Hearts & Pancetta soup with you.


Have a very happy, fun and relaxing Christmas!

We spent last night preparing the house for our first Christmas Eve at home (in Germany Christmas Eve is more important than Christmas Day!). I will finish work at 12 O’clock and then I will be off until the new year. It is the first time I’m spending Christmas Eve at my home instead of spending Christmas with my parents, grandparents and brothers in Germany. I realised that especially when I was arranging the presents underneath the tree last night – normally this is my mum’s job and she does it with a passion that it is great to watch.

I am going to miss my family a lot over Christmas. I love our little traditions so I am going to make the same food we have every single year. Last year at my dad’s we had a little tree which I really, really liked – so I decided to go for a little one as well. And as for the decoration I crafted exactly the same decorations that we had on our Christmas tree when I was a child. The idea is from a magazine from 1984. The picture at the top on the left shows me in front of our tree around 1991, aged 3, and picture on the right is our little tree this year. I love it.

Enough talking now – have a wonderful Christmas with great food, lots of fun, peace and relaxation!

The Food Exchange: mince pies – Christmas is almost here!

It’s Food-Exchange-time again! Like every month Lucy from lucyabakes sends me a typical English recipe to bake and I send her a German one. We both test the recipes and write about them on our blog.
So close to Christmas we decided to go for something sweet that is typical for this season. Lucya’s s recipe for me are mince pies!madebygreta_mincepie3
In England you find mince pies literally everywhere around Christmas whilst I have never seen them in Germany before. I had a look at Wikipedia and found out that the ingredients for the modern mince pie can be traced back to the return of European crusaders from the Holy Land – so this is really a traditional bake. Continue reading