When life gives you lemons… (II)


After writing about Lemon Curd last week I want to continue with the second lemon-related post today.
I had the idea to make a lemon-related mini version of a gift basket so after making the Lemon Curd as a second step I started decorating the jars.
I decorated the jars in a very simple way but thought it is still worth showing, as it didn’t involve the usual sticker and I think it looks quite nice and is a little bit different.
Please have a look below for a few more details :).

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When live gives you lemons… (I)


Recently my in-laws brought a couple of lemons home from their holiday in Greece – this may sound a little strange but we’re talking about hand picked, massive lemons that smelled incredible. Clearly this is the perfect souvenir for me and I immediately started thinking what I could make with them.
Lemon Curd was one thing that immediately popped into my head, a lemon cake was another thing – although I at first didn’t know what kind of lemon cake I should make. Luckily there was enough lemon juice to make both things and in the end I even had enough time to decorate the jars a bit.

Because it was so much fun to have this small lemon-project, I decided to write about it and show you what I have done. Today I am starting with part one out of three: When life gives you lemons…make Lemon Curd. This is a very simple recipe that I always use, but I think it is perfect as it is and doesn’t need any fancy ingredients.

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{Upcycling} – our pallet bar in the garden!

The weather has been really, really good over the last days here in England. This means we could finally spend some time in the garden. We had the first barbecue of the year and I spent the whole Sunday afternoon lying on our pallet sofa, that I already wrote about last year here on the blog.
What I haven’t shown you yet though is our pallet bar so I thought I am going to use those lovely days to show you a few pictures and that you can make a bar like this really easy and on a budget!

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DIY – Pimp my tea towel {crocheting}

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA while ago I visited two of my best friends in Germany that had just recently moved house. I wanted to bring a little something for them but couldn’t think what I could make – until coincidentally I saw a book sitting on my book shelf (it is German and contains many mini crochet ideas).
As my friends have a great new kitchen I decided to pimp a tea towel.
It took me about two evenings to finish the whole project, including crocheting the mini strawberries and sewing them onto the tea towel.

Because I think it is a nice gesture to make little gifts every now and then I would like to show you what you need to make a tea towel like this.


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Easter DIY: The coolest eggs in town!

I think it was last year when friends told me they had bought some removable tattoos. Yes, exactly the ones many of us found so cool when they were kids -but with one difference: whilst the ones we attached to our skin years ago looked funny but rather childish, the ones my friends had bought looked really, really cool. Quite simplistic with great graphic designs – exactly how I like it.
Now I would probably not use the tattoos for myself but it got me thinking what else you could use those amazing designs for. And yes, why not decorating easter eggs with them?!
I gave it a go and was surprised that it actually worked and the tattoos really stuck to the eggs.
So if you’re maybe not the most passionate and talented easter-egg-painter but if you would still like pretty easter eggs have a look at the pictures below :).