Review: June

Another month is gone and between work and looking after our little girl managing to blog once a week doesn’t always work out…but in my opinion that doesn’t matter as long as it is still fun and enjoyable.
So…my two blogposts this months were about how I made scotch eggs for the first time (clear recommendation: make some, it is well doable!) and I also showed you how I made  some boring brown paper look pretty by using potato printing and wrapping a birthday gift with it.

Next month is going to be The Food Exchange’s 3 year anniversary. How exciting!

Review: May

May here on the blog was all about a very special first Birthday :). I managed to write about my first naked cake and a slightly healthier version without refined sugar. Both posts with the recipes and more pictures you can find here for the naked cake and here for the refined sugar free cake. Enjoy!

In June I want to show you a small tutorial for a cool Birthday-wrapping-paper, there will be a Food Exchange-post perfect for the amazing warm weather and more! I hope you will enjoy it and stop by for a little read :).

Have a great June!

Review: April

April has just flown by! It has been my last month of maternity leave and we had quite a lot of great exciting things going on – not only did we pay a visit to family and friends to Germany, we also celebrated our daughter’s first Birthday.

In April I wrote about a lovely day trip to Llandudno in Wales and for the sweet tooth there was a recipe for lovely little raspberry pastries :).

In May I would like to write about our little girl’s first Birthday – it was such a special day to us!

Review: March

Better late than never…here is my little review for March.

Finally a bit more time to spend in the kitchen…a bit more baking in March – which I loved very much!
Lucy and I did the Food Exchange and I made a Lemon Drizzle Cake and Fudge for Easter. It is so much fun, have a look here what it is all about if you’re interested!
I also showed some pictures of a trip to Blackpool with its blue skies, colourful funfair and fun seaside atmosphere.
Oh, and if you need a super quick recipe for a sweet treat, have a look here for my idea what you can do with puff pastry and cream.

April is going to be very busy so I don’t know yet how much I will actually be able to write here on the blog – but I will try my best. I am going to visit family in Germany and there is going to be our little girl’s first birthday…I am very excited!
Have a great April everyone!

Review: February

February seems to have been flying by – which also reflects in my blogposts, because there haven’t been too many…however, I still managed to share a recipe for my mini Battenberg cake with you guys and (after almost a year) I finally managed to take some pictures and write about our baby girls room :).

For March I am very excited already because Lucy from Lucya Bakes and I will revive our beloved Food Exchange. I cannot wait!
Apart from that I’m hoping that spring comes closer and closer…with more recipes, stories and DIY ideas :).

See you all very soon! 

Review: January

So this was it – January 2018, the first month of an exciting year that lies ahead.

Due to the Christmas holidays it was a little quiet on the blog but there was still a bit of baking, as well as travelling inspiration on the blog going on :).

January, the quiet month after Christmas…this year it seemed to be so quiet that it went by quicker than I anticipated!
But now, let’s leave January behind us and embrace the new month! Although I will be away to see family and friends in February there will still be new posts on the blog…it will involve baking and handmade things – and maybe I will finally manage to show you our little girl’s room. I’m excited!
For now though, have a great start to the new month!