Review: February

February seems to have been flying by – which also reflects in my blogposts, because there haven’t been too many…however, I still managed to share a recipe for my mini Battenberg cake with you guys and (after almost a year) I finally managed to take some pictures and write about our baby girls room :).

For March I am very excited already because Lucy from Lucya Bakes and I will revive our beloved Food Exchange. I cannot wait!
Apart from that I’m hoping that spring comes closer and closer…with more recipes, stories and DIY ideas :).

See you all very soon! 

Review: January

So this was it – January 2018, the first month of an exciting year that lies ahead.

Due to the Christmas holidays it was a little quiet on the blog but there was still a bit of baking, as well as travelling inspiration on the blog going on :).

January, the quiet month after Christmas…this year it seemed to be so quiet that it went by quicker than I anticipated!
But now, let’s leave January behind us and embrace the new month! Although I will be away to see family and friends in February there will still be new posts on the blog…it will involve baking and handmade things – and maybe I will finally manage to show you our little girl’s room. I’m excited!
For now though, have a great start to the new month!


Welcome 2018


Welcome 2018! This will be my fourth year writing this blog – and I still love it! (I just had to double check whether four years are correct because I couldn’t quite believe it :))

2017 was an exciting year for us as a family and after buying a house and welcoming our little daughter I took a few months off blogging. This time off was good, I enjoyed it – but I also was so excited to start blogging again.

2018 will be another exciting year for me and I can’t wait to share more pictures of handmade things, cakes, our travels…and much more. Also, I am looking forward to discovering more interesting and creative blogs, as well as I am excited to continue following the blogs I have discovered so far.

I hope you all had a nice time off during Christmas and New Years Eve – let’s start again now being creative and let’s discover new recipes, tutorials, places to go and so much more. 🙂

Review: November

As I will be in Germany for the next 10 days this is going to be a bit of an early review of November – somehow it is fitting though, as I am already in a christmassy mood and I can’t wait for December :).

In November I finally managed to write about the GRUB food fair in Manchester, I shared my favourite Brownie recipe with you and I showed you how I made an autumnal birthday card that you can make by using things you will most probably have at home anyway.

In December I am going to show you how I wrap my Christmas presents without spending a lot of money on wrapping material and I am definitely going to bake Christmas cookies.
December is going to be all about Christmas in my family and I think it is going to be great. Enjoy the last days in November and I hope you are looking forward to December! 🙂

Review: October

October for me was all about enjoying autumn. We had a few pretty nice days and enjoyed beautiful walks in the park. There also was a very stormy weekend and it was really nice to get all cozy inside.
On the blog I showed pictures and wrote about Dunham Massey Park and made Tea Cakes for my favourite Food Exchange so far – they turned out much better than I expected and I was so chuffed with them. And…to get in a bit of Halloween-mood I made spooky Cake Pops.

I also wanted to share some pictures of GRUB food fair in Manchester, which I didn’t manage to do…but I will do that this week and have also planned a few other blogposts that I hope you will enjoy. Have a great November everyone!

Review: September

September just flew by and I know I keep saying it…but I cannot believe it is October already and we have to start thinking about Christmas presents. How crazy is that!
Last month we had the most amazing time in Berlin. I will share some pictures here soon.
On the blog I wrote about Crumpets, they were mouthwatering! I also showed you some pictures and the story about Frieda’s and my birth cards and I shared a recipe of my mum’s Plum tart with you.

In October I want to share some pictures of an afternoon we spent in a beautiful park. I will also write about the new Food Exchange, the topic will be chocolate, and I am a bit nervous how the bake will turn out as I have never made anything like it before – so it might be a total mess.
I have a few other ideas and maybe I will also find the time to write about the GRUB food fair in Manchester, which is well worth a visit.

I hope you will all have a lovely October, full of cozy moments at home, when the days start getting shorter and shorter – let’s make the most of it!