My mini Battenberg Cake


I think in my family the marzipan-fans clearly outweigh the non-marzipan-fans. Especially around winter-time there are quite a few people you can make very happy by offering them some marzipan :). One of these people is my stepdad and when I went over to Germany for a surprise Birthday visit I took with me a Birthday-Battenberg-cake which I made the day before.  Continue reading

Winter Wonderland cake

As much as I am looking forward to some warmer weather…I still love winter when it is crisp and cold and maybe even snowing a little bit.
Around Christmas I made a Winter Wonderland cake, that fits all around the cold months and will look great on a coffee table in January or February.

Whilst I love baking I can be VERY clumsy when it comes to decorating cakes and although this cake is certainly nowhere near perfect, I was very happy and a little bit proud with how it turned out :).
The cake was first made by my stepdad as a birthday cake for my mum and I loved the taste…I mean, the filling is made with Prosecco – what is not to like?! ;). As the original recipe was a Thermomix recipe and as I couldn’t get all the ingredients here in England I adapted the recipe a little bit and wrote it down for you in this post.


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Delicious Chocolate Brownies


Who doesn’t love a good Brownie? I always follow the same recipe, which was once given to me by a former teacher – probably around 20 years ago.
I haven’t made Brownies for quite a while and came across the recipe in my notes the other week…so it was finally time for a round of Brownies :).

The recipe is so easy, even children could make it, and it doesn’t need any fancy ingredients. Why don’t you give it a try on the weekend? I’ve written it down for you below :).

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Welcome autumn – let’s make a plum tart!


According to my blog plan I wanted to show you some pictures of one of the places I travelled to a while ago…but then my mum last weekend suggested making a plum tart and after I made it I really had to take some pictures to share it here on the blog. Well, plans are here to be changed, aren’t they ;).
It is a really great recipe and the cake is so, so delicious.

My mum told me she has been using this recipe for years and it is one of her favourites. In the last weeks she has already made several plum tarts.
The beauty of the cake is that there are only few ingredients and that it is super quick to make. There is no waiting involved as the dough doesn’t have to rest in the fridge etc.

Have a look below and give it a try :).

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The Food Exchange – Baking with children

I love baking with kids and I still remember some of my first bakes and how proud I was.
When Lucy and I thought about a Food Exchange topic for this month I think we both remembered our own childhood and how great it was to get to know the world of baking.
Lucy told me about one of the first things she ever baked: Cornflakes cakes – and I told her about the first cake I ever made: Fanta cake. Fanta cake obviously doesn’t taste of Fanta or Lemonade but it is really tasty and moist and all the measurements are in mugs, so there is no weighing involved.
Cornflakes cakes are just as easy to make and there are soooo delicious! They don’t even need to be baked and I am convinced that kids love the mess when everything is mixed together 🙂


The Food Exchange – Savoury, warm comfort food

I have just seen that my last post was from almost a month ago. I can’t believe it! Time is flying at the moment and so, so much is happening.
Although it is almost mid January I wish all of you all the best for the new year! May 2017 be wonderful, exciting and full of happiness!

Lucy’s and my Food Exchange start this year with savoury and warm food that counts as comfort food as well as party food – how practical :).
Lucy suggested to make sausage rolls to me  – what a traditional and typical English recipe!
And, as usual, I suggested a German recipe to her. Head over to her blog to see more:

The recipe that I used for the sausage rolls (with a twist) you can find below.


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