A nice way to wrap and present a voucher!

Do you also sometimes have the problem that you want to give someone a voucher as a present but struggle to find a nice way to wrap it?
I mean, of course you can always use a nice card with an envelope, but sometimes I like to think of something a little bit different.
The way I wrapped vouchers for a game of football I’ve seen before somewhere online, but I didn’t have any instructions so I just made it up.

I think it is a really nice way to wrap a gift and if you would like to give it a go as well I took a few pictures and wrote a small tutorial in this blogpost.


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Bye September – Hi autumn

September was quite a warm and lovely month here in Manchester, especially towards the end. This was perfect for my first ever cake stall – the weather was not too cold, nor was it too hot that the cakes would melt away.
With Lucy and our monthly Food Exchange we used the chance to get seasonal fruit and I made a Peach (and raspberry) sponge pudding. Also I finally had the chance to tell you about the Klunkerkranich, a great location in Berlin.
However, the highlight of our month was our summer holiday in Lisbon – I wrote about it here and here.

Now I am looking forward to October, to autumn, to warm colors and cozy evenings at home whilst it is cold and windy outside. There is going to be a super easy chocolaty recipe on the blog, that Lucy recommended to me as well as a small DIY gift idea.

Have a good October everyone!

Bye May – Hi there June!

I just realized that I didn’t actually write many posts in May, the month just went by too quickly. The highlight was that we spent a couple of days in Bavaria in my family’s cottage. It was really great and if you want to read more about it and look at the pictures just click here.
The Food Exchange in May was about biscuits and I made digestives that you can eat with cheese or that you can coat with chocolate. Seriously, they are so tasty!
I also finally used the few days of good weather to write about our small up cycled pallet bar in the garden. It is so easy and quick to make and it makes a bit difference in our small garden.

In June I am really hoping for better weather! We wan’t to have a picnic in the park, barbecues with friends, watch the football…and just have a great month :).
What are your plans in June?

Good Bye January – Hi February!

January was a bit quieter than usual on the blog. Usually this month seems to be a bit more quiet than the other ones but this wasn’t the case this year. I went to spend a weekend in Berlin, we spent two days in Wales – it was a month full of great things to do…January blues didn’t even come close to my mind.
I still managed to write three blogposts: One was a little review of 2015. I also wrote a post about my new favourite cook book about soups and one with a recipe for a chocolate cake with a meringue topping.
In February I want to write about the weekend trip to Wales. I want to bake more and I would like to do some things to enjoy the rest of the winter but also to welcome spring.
Welcome February!!


Bye, Bye March – Hello April

March for me was the start of spring. I enjoyed a lovely day in Liverpool, baked a chocolate cheesecake that tasted like Mousse au Chocolat and crafted a few little things. One of the things I have made is a bunting that is perfect to get in the mood for spring…I really need to sew more! And last week I showed you a way to make pretty birthday cards.

I am really looking forward to April, hoping it brings better weather! I won’t be able to write a lot about my Easter bakes and decoration because I will have six visitors so I’ll be pretty busy I guess. Nevertheless I will share with you a recipe for a Easter carott cake.

During the last weeks I discovered how much I enjoy working in the garden, so you can imagine that there will be a post about a few things I did in my garden.
After showing pictures of Liverpool I think a blog post about Manchester would be nice as well…and the rest will be just spontaneous – but will probably involve baking and crafting as always :).Review March 2015

Bye, bye February – Hi March

February was the month of escaping from the cold and enjoying some special treats at home. I showed you my idea of a nice sunday brunch and finished my longest project ever. To get more inspiration and material for crafting I even left my cozy home and went to a craft fair in Manchester and I received a wonderful parcel with two penguins that came all the way to England from Germany and last but not least I baked some blueberry-scones.

I am really excited about March now – spring seems to get closer and closer. I want to get loads of fresh flowers and I also want to show you a pretty bunting I made.
Liverpool on a sunny day will be another thing I want to write about and show pictures of. And…how about a chocolate-cheesecake? Yes, that is another recipe I would like to share with you. This is the plan so far, who knows what else will come?!
I hope you are as excited about spring as I am and I cannot wait to blog more and to share my love of crafting and baking.byeFEBhiMARCH