It’s Christmas Time – It’s gift wrapping time!


This is already the third Christmas that I am writing this blog – and it is the third time I am showing you how I wrap my Christmas presents.
Although it is a chore to many people, I love wrapping gifts and for Birthdays etc. where you only wrap one gift I love picking out special wrapping paper. For Christmas when I have to wrap quite a few gifts, however, I prefer to use wrapping paper that is not as expensive. To make the gifts still look special every year I think of new ideas how I can make the wrapped presents still look special and pretty – in the end it doesn’t mean the wrapped presents can’t look nice just because you’re not spending a huge amount on wrapping paper.
I hope you like my – maybe a little bit unconventional and bright – idea to wrap presents. Please find more info about how I did it below :).
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When life gives you lemons… (II)


After writing about Lemon Curd last week I want to continue with the second lemon-related post today.
I had the idea to make a lemon-related mini version of a gift basket so after making the Lemon Curd as a second step I started decorating the jars.
I decorated the jars in a very simple way but thought it is still worth showing, as it didn’t involve the usual sticker and I think it looks quite nice and is a little bit different.
Please have a look below for a few more details :).

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When live gives you lemons… (I)


Recently my in-laws brought a couple of lemons home from their holiday in Greece – this may sound a little strange but we’re talking about hand picked, massive lemons that smelled incredible. Clearly this is the perfect souvenir for me and I immediately started thinking what I could make with them.
Lemon Curd was one thing that immediately popped into my head, a lemon cake was another thing – although I at first didn’t know what kind of lemon cake I should make. Luckily there was enough lemon juice to make both things and in the end I even had enough time to decorate the jars a bit.

Because it was so much fun to have this small lemon-project, I decided to write about it and show you what I have done. Today I am starting with part one out of three: When life gives you lemons…make Lemon Curd. This is a very simple recipe that I always use, but I think it is perfect as it is and doesn’t need any fancy ingredients.

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On the hunt for “Mandelhörnchen”

A friend came back from a trip to Berlin recently and told me he got these “German almond things that are dipped in chocolate” from a bakery over there and that they are “probably the nicest thing” he had ever eaten.
I immediately knew what he was talking about but it was ages ago that I had one of these almond things in the shape of a half moon. I remembered they were made out of almonds (yeah, okay, that is obvious :)) and marzipan.
Anyway, I told my parents to look out for them but it wasn’t easy to find them – then a couple of months later my mum proudly presented us “Mandelhörnchen” that she got from a market in Bavaria. She also bought some for our friend to take back to England – but (for some weird reason ;)) they never made it home and were eaten before.
Luckily then our friend had his birthday a couple of weeks later and I finally had a chance to bake them. Dan said it was the best thing I had ever baked – so I can’t wait to share the recipe with you below.


A birthday-table and a recipe for delicious mini cakes

I love preparing a birthday-table and a birthday-breakfast. I can spend weeks thinking about a colour scheme and the way I want to wrap the presents. I also love to think about what to bake, which candles to use, which flowers to choose…and so on.
Decorating is huge fun for me and it always has to stay a secret – even if that means that the birthday boy is not allowed to enter the kitchen for half a day. Well, you can’t have everything – either you have a birthday table with cake, croissants, fruit and fresh juice, or you are able to get a drink from your own kitchen the night before ;)…

This is a birthday table that I created in March. It was still fairly wintery outside, which is why I decided to go for a black-and-white theme with a few drops of colour.


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