{Upcycling} – our pallet bar in the garden!

The weather has been really, really good over the last days here in England. This means we could finally spend some time in the garden. We had the first barbecue of the year and I spent the whole Sunday afternoon lying on our pallet sofa, that I already wrote about last year here on the blog.
What I haven’t shown you yet though is our pallet bar so I thought I am going to use those lovely days to show you a few pictures and that you can make a bar like this really easy and on a budget!

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A winter without soup is like summer without ice cream!

One of the things I love most about winter is getting cozy and warm inside…and if I can enjoy this coziness with a bowl of hot soup I am happy!
This last weekend it finally got a bit colder here in Manchester, the time before it was quite warm but very wet. I clearly prefer cold days to rainy ones – this weather is perfect for soups! So I had a look at the New Covent Garden Food cook book “A Soup for every day” which I got for Christmas. It has sooooo many recipes and they all look really, really good. We finally decided on one recipe and loved the soup so much that I really want to share the recipe for this Artichoke Hearts & Pancetta soup with you.


Upcycling – our new sofa for the garden

Nine months ago we moved in our lovely house and this spring we used a couple of weekends to make the garden look presentable. It was a bit like working in a jungle as there was so much ivy and old bushes that didn’t look really pretty to get rid of. Ivy, I learned painfully, is NOT easy to get rid of and it took a lot of effort to remove it.
After a while there was more space though and we decided to use it for a seating area.Pallett_sofa Continue reading

Up-cycling for my front garden: how I had three guys turning tyres inside out

When an idea comes to my mind I get so excited that I have to work on it straight away (people that know me find that quite annoying sometimes ;)). So when I finally thought of a way to make our front garden look a bit nicer I just couldn’t wait to look at the finished project.
Well, my idea was to turn three old tyres inside out, spray them and use them as planters. This all sounded fairly easy to me…but it turned out my thinking was kind of naive 🙂


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How an old ladder became my favorite thing in my garden

A few weeks ago we went to a market where various things were sold. It just so happened that one of the traders was selling vintage furniture, including an old step ladder. I would never have discovered or paid attention to it but luckily my mum and my stepdad saw the ladder and decided it was perfect for my garden as a place for herbs. I agreed and my grandad used his great bargaining skills to get me this treasure for £20.
Some people were looking a bit confused when we left the market with the ladder, but nevermind :).



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