A great Birthday Cake {Bundt cake}

Like I already said last year around this time: I really enjoy thinking about an upcoming Birthday where I can wrap the presents, bake a cake and decorate a table. In my family the Birthday breakfast is quite an important tradition – even if it means getting up early in the morning before school. There is something magical about welcoming the drowsy birthday child when it is still dark outside the table is decorated and candles are lit.

Well, the pictures in this post don’t really show a Birthday for a child and it wasn’t dark anymore when we had breakfast (in fact it was actually rather late) – but it was still a really nice breakfast for the Birthday boy, I think.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Continue reading

Easter DIY: The coolest eggs in town!

I think it was last year when friends told me they had bought some removable tattoos. Yes, exactly the ones many of us found so cool when they were kids -but with one difference: whilst the ones we attached to our skin years ago looked funny but rather childish, the ones my friends had bought looked really, really cool. Quite simplistic with great graphic designs – exactly how I like it.
Now I would probably not use the tattoos for myself but it got me thinking what else you could use those amazing designs for. And yes, why not decorating easter eggs with them?!
I gave it a go and was surprised that it actually worked and the tattoos really stuck to the eggs.
So if you’re maybe not the most passionate and talented easter-egg-painter but if you would still like pretty easter eggs have a look at the pictures below :).


Have a very happy, fun and relaxing Christmas!

We spent last night preparing the house for our first Christmas Eve at home (in Germany Christmas Eve is more important than Christmas Day!). I will finish work at 12 O’clock and then I will be off until the new year. It is the first time I’m spending Christmas Eve at my home instead of spending Christmas with my parents, grandparents and brothers in Germany. I realised that especially when I was arranging the presents underneath the tree last night – normally this is my mum’s job and she does it with a passion that it is great to watch.

I am going to miss my family a lot over Christmas. I love our little traditions so I am going to make the same food we have every single year. Last year at my dad’s we had a little tree which I really, really liked – so I decided to go for a little one as well. And as for the decoration I crafted exactly the same decorations that we had on our Christmas tree when I was a child. The idea is from a magazine from 1984. The picture at the top on the left shows me in front of our tree around 1991, aged 3, and picture on the right is our little tree this year. I love it.

Enough talking now – have a wonderful Christmas with great food, lots of fun, peace and relaxation!

Upcycling: how I turned a old rusty hanging basket in a bowl and how I failed to make Toffee Apples

Two weeks ago Hulme Garden Centre opened their doors on a Sunday to celebrate Apple-Pumpkin Day. Loads of people came to look at the plants, make apple juice and loads of other great family fun things.
It was a great event and I got to know the beers and ciders of Moss Cider Project and Runaway Brewery. The warm mulled cider was a highlight! I bought pumpkins and a few plants – and in a pile of flower pots I found a old and rusty hanging basket that was free to take.
The cider, beer and apple juice tasted amazing and the pumpkins were used for a little carving session on Halloween at home. The hanging basket however had to wait for a couple of days more but I had to take it as I immediately saw it getting a second life as a bowl for fruit or whatever looks nice in it.

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TexMex Party – Part 1 – a perfect and fun bunting for a quick decoration {DIY}

Last weekend was our long awaited annual Oktoberfest Party. This years theme was TexMex (every year we choose a new theme so that the food, the drinks and the fancy dresses can be matched to that).
I showed you a little tutorial about how to make nice invitations back in August {here}.
Well, what can I say…I love the preparation: making decorations, cooking and baking, planning everything…it is just loads of fun for me.
For the decorations I this time made buntings with a mexican-touch and today I want to show you how you can make them. They don’t have to be used for a TexMex-Party: they would make a lovely bunting for a birthday party and can also be made in many different ways (bigger, smaller, less colours…etc.)

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Once again I’m a year older: what a great birthday!

Last weekend was my 27th birthday and I had such a great time that I really want to share some pictures with you today.
I spent the weekend with my English- and parts of my German family. Amongst of other things we had a garden party on Sunday and it was much fun to prepare, bake and cook. I took many pictures and many of the dishes that we prepared inspired me to new blogpost that are yet to be written.

Looking at the pictures I thought they’re quite self-explanatory, so I don’t think I have to write a lot about it 🙂
I had a wonderful birthday and realized once again that I am surrounded by great people!

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