Dunham Massey Park


I think I often underestimate how many beautiful places are literally right at my door step. There are many places that I have seen and that I want to see that are really far away, but sometimes it is worth looking around and apreciate what you can find around where you live.

The Nationaltrust Park in Dunham Massey is one of these gems. A 15 minute drive away there is this stunning Park in the Cheshire country side and it is well worth a visit.

We went there a while ago for a long walk and I managed to take some pictures.

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5 Days in Lisbon – our summer holiday {I}

Back in January we booked our summer holiday for 2016 and chose Lisbon as our destination. After booking the flights and finding a hotel that looked stunning we spent the last months looking forward to September and to our late summer holiday.
Two weeks ago we finally made our way to Lisbon and had five wonderful days in Portugal’s capital city.
Today and over the coming weeks and months I want to show you some of the pictures we took and tell you about our holiday. I will also write about the small boutique hotel we stayed at. It is definitely worth an extra post.
At the end of the post I will also recommend a few places and shops that I loved.
I hope you enjoy having a look at the pics :).


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Let’s go hiking up Mount Snowdon!

Several times over the last few weeks we were at home thinking it would have been nice to use one day of the weekend for a little trip somewhere to see something new for a day…and finally we made a plan and decided to hike up Mountain Snowdon in Wales last weekend.

The scenery and the environment around Snowdon is simply stunning and I used the time to take a few pictures that I want to show you today.

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A great picnic with homemade lemonade

I love to do it but weirdly I rarely actually go for a picnic. I can’t recall the last time I went for one. I think it just sounds so good in my head but then it just seems to be too much effort to actually do it. We decided to change this on the last bank holiday weekend and I am so glad we actually made the effort!

On the Saturday I baked some cookies and made some lemonade. On Sunday I made Sandwiches and we packed two big baskets with a blanket, food, drinks and games; picked up our small crowd and off we went to Tatton Park in Greater Manchester.

Today I would like to show you pictures of our picnic and share my recipe for homemade lemonade with you. I went for a very easy and basic recipe but was amazed how nice it tasted – have a look below 🙂


Belfast in two days – a great destination for a weekend trip

Belfast for some reason never seemed to be one of my first picks when planning a weekend trip away. It turns out that I was quite wrong about that because once I had been convinced to go there and once I spent a weekend over there I fell in love with this city.
This post is about my favorite spots in Belfast and about how we spent the weekend trip over there in Ireland. At the end of it you can find a few links and information to my favorite spots and things to do.
We arrived late at night on a Friday and started our city tour on the Saturday morning.


Everyday starts with a good breakfast and therefore our first stop was at St George’s Market – a lovely market hall where you can find anything…from street food to handmade crafts; from veggies and fish.
The atmosphere is busy but very welcoming. There is so much to discover.



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Altrincham Market Hall – My favourite space in Greater Manchester

At the start of this month I planned to show you some impressions of Manchester…of the places I’ve gotten to know since moving here and that I love to spend time at. Well, instead of showing you pictures of the city centre I decided to widen the area a bit and show you pictures of the Market Hall in Altrincham, because this is my favourite space in Greater Manchester at the moment.


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