DIY – Pimp my tea towel {crocheting}

A while ago I visited two of my best friends in Germany that had just recently moved house. I wanted to bring a little something for them but couldn't think what I could make - until coincidentally I saw a book sitting on my book shelf (it is German and contains many mini crochet ideas). As my friends... Continue Reading →

Easter DIY: The coolest eggs in town!

I think it was last year when friends told me they had bought some removable tattoos. Yes, exactly the ones many of us found so cool when they were kids -but with one difference: whilst the ones we attached to our skin years ago looked funny but rather childish, the ones my friends had bought looked... Continue Reading →

Partyplanning – Invitations for a TexMex-Party

Last October for the first time we decided to celebrate the German Oktoberfest which doubled-up as my welcome party to England. Everyone came dressed up as something typically German and we had besides the traditional Dirndl and Lederhosen the most hilarious costumes. Three people game dressed as Kraftwerk - some of you might now their music. Boris... Continue Reading →

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