The Food Exchange – Enjoy your picnic with Scotch Eggs


The weather last weekend was perfect for a picnic – and although we didn’t go far, the little picnic in our garden was soooo good!
As you may have gathered by now – this months Food Exchange theme is…. PICNIC :).

Lucy’s challenge for me this month was to make Scotch Eggs. Another challenge that was absolutely new to me – and this is exactly what I love so much about our project!

(If this is the first time you read about Lucy’s and my Food Exchange project, just have a look here:)).

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The Food Exchange – Savoury, warm comfort food

I have just seen that my last post was from almost a month ago. I can’t believe it! Time is flying at the moment and so, so much is happening.
Although it is almost mid January I wish all of you all the best for the new year! May 2017 be wonderful, exciting and full of happiness!

Lucy’s and my Food Exchange start this year with savoury and warm food that counts as comfort food as well as party food – how practical :).
Lucy suggested to make sausage rolls to me  – what a traditional and typical English recipe!
And, as usual, I suggested a German recipe to her. Head over to her blog to see more:

The recipe that I used for the sausage rolls (with a twist) you can find below.


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Summer salad á la Annika

Back when I was still a student a few years ago I went round to my friend Annika’s house for dinner one summer evening. She prepared a summer salad with fresh peaches and fried sliced beef – all I can say is it was soooo good and still now it is my favorite salad for summer!
I never had a recipe for it and I tend to forget the ingredients every year – so every year during the first warmer days in spring my friend receives a message that reads roughly like this: “Hey, what are the ingredients for my favorite summer salad again?” – although she was even the one that reminded me this year by sending me pictures of the first summer salad for 2016 – to me this means summer has officially started 🙂
So, to not forget the ingredients again (although it is kind of a tradition now :)) I decided to finally write them down, here on the blog.


Tuna steak with a colorful salad and lime dressing

I am not very inventive when it comes to evening meals that I have to prepare after work. Also sometimes I am not hungry in the evening, so often I just don’t eat at night.
If I’m hungry though I found a dish with tuna (or salmon) that is really quickly prepared, healthy and tastes very good. Other than that you don’t need many ingredients and you can easily improvise if you don’t have all the ingredients in the house, which is always a bonus.

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A winter without soup is like summer without ice cream!

One of the things I love most about winter is getting cozy and warm inside…and if I can enjoy this coziness with a bowl of hot soup I am happy!
This last weekend it finally got a bit colder here in Manchester, the time before it was quite warm but very wet. I clearly prefer cold days to rainy ones – this weather is perfect for soups! So I had a look at the New Covent Garden Food cook book “A Soup for every day” which I got for Christmas. It has sooooo many recipes and they all look really, really good. We finally decided on one recipe and loved the soup so much that I really want to share the recipe for this Artichoke Hearts & Pancetta soup with you.


A cheese board without candied figs? No…not happening!

It is a running gag in my family that with any cheese board candied figs need to be served. That comes from a meal in a restaurant where we ordered a cheese board a couple of months ago and the candied figs were described absolutely beautiful in the menu. Unfortunately though the cheese board was tiny…and there were no candied figs at all.
Since then I really wanted to make candied figs myself and since it is fig-season now I decided to finally make them and combine them with a cheese board (of course) and great food from Mallorca.
We spent a lovely time on the island and I want to show a few pictures that I took there and share a recipe for the candied figs with you today.

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