There is no Christmas without baking Hazelnut Macaroons!


At Christmas time something would be missing for me if I couldn’t bake traditional German and Austrian Christmas biscuits – there are so many different one’s and if I had the time I would like to make at least 10 different kinds of biscuits.  This year we managed to bake five different kinds. We made them last Sunday and now they’re all “hidden” away so that they don’t go quite so quickly. Many of them we will give as small gifts to family and friends…but some of the biscuits are for us to enjoy on the weekend :).

There is one kind of biscuit that I make every year – my dad’s and my favourite one’s: Hazelnut Macaroons. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without them :).
I use my dad’s recipe and the amazing thing is you only need four ingredients to make them. It is 10 days until Christmas so I thought I’d share the recipe with you – there is still plenty of time to make them.
Soooo…have a look at the recipe below, grab the ingredients and a bowl (you will only need one! Not too much to clean up then! ;)) and get started..

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It’s Christmas Time – It’s gift wrapping time!


This is already the third Christmas that I am writing this blog – and it is the third time I am showing you how I wrap my Christmas presents.
Although it is a chore to many people, I love wrapping gifts and for Birthdays etc. where you only wrap one gift I love picking out special wrapping paper. For Christmas when I have to wrap quite a few gifts, however, I prefer to use wrapping paper that is not as expensive. To make the gifts still look special every year I think of new ideas how I can make the wrapped presents still look special and pretty – in the end it doesn’t mean the wrapped presents can’t look nice just because you’re not spending a huge amount on wrapping paper.
I hope you like my – maybe a little bit unconventional and bright – idea to wrap presents. Please find more info about how I did it below :).
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Simple but I like it – my gift wrapping for Christmas

The majority of people I know don’t particularly enjoy wrapping Christmas gifts. It seems to add to the usually full “to do” lists that pile up before Christmas and often I get the impression that it is more a chore than joy.
For me wrapping gifts is relaxing. I look forward to it and already in November I think of how I will wrap my gifts. I am not a fan of buying different wrapping papers, I like using the same wrapping paper and a similar style for all my gifts.


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The Food Exchange: It’s Christmas time!

The Food Exchange for this month is super simple: it’s Christmas time! I think you will never run out of recipes with this one, so Lucy and I decided to go for the same topic as last year. It is one of the best one’s, I am convinced.
Like every month Lucy (from England, living in Germany) gives me a recipe or an idea what I could bake and I (from Germany, living in England) do the same the other way round.

Lucy’s challenge for me this month: Bake a Yule Log. This was the perfect idea for me, as I had never made one before.


Sweet things will be served – a Christmassy dessert

One of my favourite sweet things during the Christmas time is Lebkuchen or gingerbread. I always eat too much of it but I simply love it…and as Christmas time has officially started now I bought some Lebkuchen and used it to make a dessert for last weekend.

The recipe is not even a real recipe – it is more like a kit and you can use basically whatever you have at home. Have a look below to see which ingredients I used.


Have a very happy, fun and relaxing Christmas!

We spent last night preparing the house for our first Christmas Eve at home (in Germany Christmas Eve is more important than Christmas Day!). I will finish work at 12 O’clock and then I will be off until the new year. It is the first time I’m spending Christmas Eve at my home instead of spending Christmas with my parents, grandparents and brothers in Germany. I realised that especially when I was arranging the presents underneath the tree last night – normally this is my mum’s job and she does it with a passion that it is great to watch.

I am going to miss my family a lot over Christmas. I love our little traditions so I am going to make the same food we have every single year. Last year at my dad’s we had a little tree which I really, really liked – so I decided to go for a little one as well. And as for the decoration I crafted exactly the same decorations that we had on our Christmas tree when I was a child. The idea is from a magazine from 1984. The picture at the top on the left shows me in front of our tree around 1991, aged 3, and picture on the right is our little tree this year. I love it.

Enough talking now – have a wonderful Christmas with great food, lots of fun, peace and relaxation!