The Food Exchange – 3 years??!! Let’s celebrate with chocolate cake!


This month 3 years ago Lucy and I started our project called “The Food Exchange”. I actually had to double check if it has really been three years already because I couldn’t believe it. But it really is true – and a lot has happened in the meantime:
We both had a baby, bought a house and traveled quite a bit (mainly between Germany and England). It truly has been an exciting 3 years.
And amongst all the things happening we kept on doing the Food Exchange. And I can say for myself that I absolutely love it…I have baked so many things that I otherwise would never have made and I can honestly say that I am looking forward to it every single month.
Apart from that – and more importantly – I have found an amazing friend Lucy. Funnily enough we have never met in person (although I can’t wait to finally do this), but have become friends through writing messages to each other…almost old-fashioned like a letter friend ;).

Anyway, obviously this month had to be a Birthday theme and Lucy asked me to make a chocolate cake, and believe it or not I have never made a typically English chocolate cake before…

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The first Birthday continued (with a refined sugar free cake) II


After last weeks Birthday-post about my first semi-naked cake which was a bit of a sugar bomb (although VERY delicious), this weeks post is about a cake that is a little bit more healthy – but still really, really yummy!

We wanted to try and keep our little daughter away from refined sugar for as long as possible so a couple of months ago I started researching in order to find a recipe for a refined sugar free cake that actually tastes nice. In the end I combined a few recipes so that it worked perfectly for me. I wanted the cake to be healthy but not taste too healthy, and for us this is the case: Our daughter loves the cake, and so do we!

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A very exciting first Birthday including cake (of course!) I

How very exciting! Our daughter turned 1 a few weeks ago!
We spent a super lovely Birthday-weekend with family and it was truly special.

Of course, there is no Birthday without cakes so for the guests my mum, my step dad and I prepared a cake buffet with various cakes. I made two cakes for the buffet. One of them was a semi-naked sponge cake filled with buttercream and raspberry jam (the jam I accidentally ‘stole’ from my mum, she wanted to use it for another cake – ooops :)).

The other cake I made was without refined sugar, but it still tastes like a normal cake and I don’t think you miss the sugar at all (promise!).

But we’ll start with the sponge cake for this week…

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Birth cards – now and 29 years ago


A long time before our little girl was born I already knew how I wanted her birth cards to look like. I always adored the birth cards my mum made when I was born and I was determined I wanted to copy the way she did them for my first child. I wanted it to be my way to welcome my girlie in this world and to celebrate her arrival.

As we  didn’t know the gender before the birth, I bought two different kinds of yarn during the very impatient wait after my due date had passed – ready to get started as soon as possible :).

Today I want to show you a few pictures of the cards that I made for the closest family to say thank you for all the wishes and lovely gifts. I will describe a little bit how I made them. They are very special to me and I put a lot of effort in every single card. We also wrote them all by hand so it took a little while to make them – but it was so worth it!

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The Food Exchange: Happy Birthday & an English favourite

One year ago Lucy and I met virtually via blogging and started our Food Exchange project together. As most of you will know already Lucy and I every month exchange a recipe about a certain topic, bake it and write about it on the post.
So this is our one-year-anniversary and I truly enjoy it every time. It’s fun and interesting to bake things that I normally maybe wouldn’t. It allows me to discover new recipes and learn about English traditions. In a nutshell: I love it!

Talking about traditions: Lucy’s Birthday recipe for me was a complete eye-opener. I have seen this kind of cake before in various super markets but I never thought it was an English classic – in fact, sometimes I found the “face” of Colin the caterpillar a little too scary. I researched a bit and asked my English family and they were quite stunned that I didn’t know it.
Colin was first sold by Marks & Spencer in the ’90s and the Telegraph says “We all know that a children’s party isn’t a real party without a Colin the Caterpillar cake.”- so it was definitely time to make one myself 🙂


Happy 100th Birthday!

A 100th birthday is definitely not something you experience often! It is a very special occasion and I felt honoured to be a guest at this truly special birthday party (apart from that it felt great to be the third-youngest person amongst around 60 guests, I have to admit ;)).

Anyway, like it should be for such a special birthday, Auntie Ada enjoyed a very exciting day. It started off with a mass that was held especially for her. After that Ada enjoyed a well-deserved Sherry and had a little break before being interviewed by the Knutsford Guardian (you can find the article here).
With a lovely dress and beautiful jewelry she was well prepared to stick on her birthday-badge before welcoming around 60 guests at her party.

Although this is maybe not one of my typical posts of baking-, cooking-, or DIY-ideas the occasion felt so special that I really wanted to share some pictures here on the blog. I hope you enjoy them!