The first Birthday continued (with a refined sugar free cake) II


After last weeks Birthday-post about my first semi-naked cake which was a bit of a sugar bomb (although VERY delicious), this weeks post is about a cake that is a little bit more healthy – but still really, really yummy!

We wanted to try and keep our little daughter away from refined sugar for as long as possible so a couple of months ago I started researching in order to find a recipe for a refined sugar free cake that actually tastes nice. In the end I combined a few recipes so that it worked perfectly for me. I wanted the cake to be healthy but not taste too healthy, and for us this is the case: Our daughter loves the cake, and so do we!

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A very exciting first Birthday including cake (of course!) I

How very exciting! Our daughter turned 1 a few weeks ago!
We spent a super lovely Birthday-weekend with family and it was truly special.

Of course, there is no Birthday without cakes so for the guests my mum, my step dad and I prepared a cake buffet with various cakes. I made two cakes for the buffet. One of them was a semi-naked sponge cake filled with buttercream and raspberry jam (the jam I accidentally ‘stole’ from my mum, she wanted to use it for another cake – ooops :)).

The other cake I made was without refined sugar, but it still tastes like a normal cake and I don’t think you miss the sugar at all (promise!).

But we’ll start with the sponge cake for this week…

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Birth cards – now and 29 years ago


A long time before our little girl was born I already knew how I wanted her birth cards to look like. I always adored the birth cards my mum made when I was born and I was determined I wanted to copy the way she did them for my first child. I wanted it to be my way to welcome my girlie in this world and to celebrate her arrival.

As we  didn’t know the gender before the birth, I bought two different kinds of yarn during the very impatient wait after my due date had passed – ready to get started as soon as possible :).

Today I want to show you a few pictures of the cards that I made for the closest family to say thank you for all the wishes and lovely gifts. I will describe a little bit how I made them. They are very special to me and I put a lot of effort in every single card. We also wrote them all by hand so it took a little while to make them – but it was so worth it!

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The Food Exchange: Happy Birthday & an English favourite

One year ago Lucy and I met virtually via blogging and started our Food Exchange project together. As most of you will know already Lucy and I every month exchange a recipe about a certain topic, bake it and write about it on the post.
So this is our one-year-anniversary and I truly enjoy it every time. It’s fun and interesting to bake things that I normally maybe wouldn’t. It allows me to discover new recipes and learn about English traditions. In a nutshell: I love it!

Talking about traditions: Lucy’s Birthday recipe for me was a complete eye-opener. I have seen this kind of cake before in various super markets but I never thought it was an English classic – in fact, sometimes I found the “face” of Colin the caterpillar a little too scary. I researched a bit and asked my English family and they were quite stunned that I didn’t know it.
Colin was first sold by Marks & Spencer in the ’90s and the Telegraph says “We all know that a children’s party isn’t a real party without a Colin the Caterpillar cake.”- so it was definitely time to make one myself 🙂


Happy 100th Birthday!

A 100th birthday is definitely not something you experience often! It is a very special occasion and I felt honoured to be a guest at this truly special birthday party (apart from that it felt great to be the third-youngest person amongst around 60 guests, I have to admit ;)).

Anyway, like it should be for such a special birthday, Auntie Ada enjoyed a very exciting day. It started off with a mass that was held especially for her. After that Ada enjoyed a well-deserved Sherry and had a little break before being interviewed by the Knutsford Guardian (you can find the article here).
With a lovely dress and beautiful jewelry she was well prepared to stick on her birthday-badge before welcoming around 60 guests at her party.

Although this is maybe not one of my typical posts of baking-, cooking-, or DIY-ideas the occasion felt so special that I really wanted to share some pictures here on the blog. I hope you enjoy them!


A great Birthday Cake {Bundt cake}

Like I already said last year around this time: I really enjoy thinking about an upcoming Birthday where I can wrap the presents, bake a cake and decorate a table. In my family the Birthday breakfast is quite an important tradition – even if it means getting up early in the morning before school. There is something magical about welcoming the drowsy birthday child when it is still dark outside the table is decorated and candles are lit.

Well, the pictures in this post don’t really show a Birthday for a child and it wasn’t dark anymore when we had breakfast (in fact it was actually rather late) – but it was still a really nice breakfast for the Birthday boy, I think.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Continue reading