The Food Exchange – Chocolate


“Is there a chance that in nearly two years of our Food-Exchange-Project we’ve never had Chocolate as one of our monthly themes?” – This was the thought that popped into my head when Lucy and I were looking for what we could bake this month.
Well, it really turns out we’ve never had used one of the most obvious baking themes ever for our Food Exchange. Time to change this, we thought…so here we are with our delicious chocolate bakes.*

Lucy’s challenge for me was making english Tea Cakes – delicious and very high calorie treats that are filled with Marshmallow fluff. They are pretty similar to the german “Schokoküsse”…and they surprisingly turned out to be one of my favourite Food Exchange bakes so far!


*If you haven’t read about Lucy’s and my project “The Food Exchange”, please have a look here for more information and lots of delicious bakes :).

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Welcome autumn – let’s make a plum tart!


According to my blog plan I wanted to show you some pictures of one of the places I travelled to a while ago…but then my mum last weekend suggested making a plum tart and after I made it I really had to take some pictures to share it here on the blog. Well, plans are here to be changed, aren’t they ;).
It is a really great recipe and the cake is so, so delicious.

My mum told me she has been using this recipe for years and it is one of her favourites. In the last weeks she has already made several plum tarts.
The beauty of the cake is that there are only few ingredients and that it is super quick to make. There is no waiting involved as the dough doesn’t have to rest in the fridge etc.

Have a look below and give it a try :).

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The Food Exchange – Breakfast


Today Lucy from and I are back with the monthly Food Exchange – the theme is Breakfast. If you haven’t read about Lucy’s and my Food Exchange, please have a look here where you can find all the details and recipes we tried out before.
This month Lucy’s suggestion for me was making Crumpets.
Before I moved to England I had never heard of Crumpets…but after trying then I immediately discovered that they are super, super delicious!

Crumpets are toasted and then eaten with butter, that melts in the pores of this tasty and quite fluffy flour and yeast bake. I always thought making them must be quite difficult, so I never gave it a try – for me they were one of these things that you buy every now and then, but that you never really consider making yourself.
When Lucy suggested this bake to me and I looked at the recipe I couldn’t wait to give it a try because it actually sounded more than doable to me.

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Review: August

August is over and after my break I have really enjoyed getting into blogging again. As before I love baking and trying out new recipes – now with the help of my tiny little helper Frieda :).

In August I made Queen of Puddings for the monthly Food Exchange. It kept being a very sweet month with my When life gives you lemons… series in which I made Lemon Curd, showed you a way of decorating the jars for the curd and made a Lemon Chiffon cake.

In September there will be more bakes and I will show you impressions of places I have just been to and absolutely loved.

Have a wonderful September…it looks like autumn is not too far away, so it is time for getting cozy inside :).

When life gives you lemons… (III)


After Part I and Part II of my small lemon-series of blogposts today in Part III it is all about cake. I’ve made a few lemon cakes before but I wanted to try a new recipe this time. So, I looked at all my recipe books and found a Martha Stewart recipe for a Lemon Chiffon Cake – Now, this is definitely a cake I hadn’t heard before so I just had to give this American classic a try.
I adapted the recipe a bit as I didn’t have all the ingredients at home but it worked really well, so I decided to post my version here on the blog.
The cake is sooooo fluffy – enjoy 🙂

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The Food Exchange – Summer Puddings

Lucy and I are back again with our Food Exchange after a five month long break.
For everyone who doesn’t know what the Food Exchange is all about yet, please have a look here. This is were you can also find all our previous challenges if you are after some inspiration.

The perfect theme for Summer (to enjoy it – if you are in Germany … to wish it would finally come – if you are here in Manchester) is of course “Summer Puddings“.

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