The Food Exchange – give me some honey!

For this months Food Exchange Lucy from and I tried to think of an Autumnal theme. We decided on a theme that involved honey in our baking. The color of honey is perfect for autumn: warm and golden, it is so comforting so it is something I definitely connect more to a cold season rather than the warmer ones.
Anyway, after settling on the theme we realised that this year is actually the 90th anniversary of Winnie the Pooh. And as Winnie the Pooh always knows what is best I think we definitely settled for the right theme:

“Well,” said Pooh, “what I like best,” and then he had to stop and think. Because although Eating Honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn’t know what it was called.”

A.A Milne, Winnie the Pooh


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The Food Exchange: Deliciously nutty!

The Food Exchange is entering the third season: Autumn. It is getting cooler and darker now but at the same time the leaves on the trees shine almost golden and enjoying this time of the year with a warm drink and something sweet is the best!
Like every month Lucy from Lucyabakes and I were looking for a topic to send each other recipes – perfect for the start of Autumn we chose “nuts” as this months topic.

Lucy gave me this recipe of a chocolate tiffin – I had never heard of such a thing before and love to learn something new. Chocolate Tiffin is a Scottish invention, dating back to around 1900. The great thing is that it is super easy to make and doesn’t even require baking!

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Upcycling: how I turned a old rusty hanging basket in a bowl and how I failed to make Toffee Apples

Two weeks ago Hulme Garden Centre opened their doors on a Sunday to celebrate Apple-Pumpkin Day. Loads of people came to look at the plants, make apple juice and loads of other great family fun things.
It was a great event and I got to know the beers and ciders of Moss Cider Project and Runaway Brewery. The warm mulled cider was a highlight! I bought pumpkins and a few plants – and in a pile of flower pots I found a old and rusty hanging basket that was free to take.
The cider, beer and apple juice tasted amazing and the pumpkins were used for a little carving session on Halloween at home. The hanging basket however had to wait for a couple of days more but I had to take it as I immediately saw it getting a second life as a bowl for fruit or whatever looks nice in it.

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Good bye October – Hi there November!

October was the month after our lovely holiday in Mallorca. We had a big TexMex Party and I showed you how to make a fun TexMex Bunting. I also made candied figs for the first time – they taste sooo good with different types of cheese…and I made Banoffee pie, thanks to Lucy who shared a really good recipe with me!
So…that was October, it passed by really quickly but I enjoyed the coziness at home and the golden leaves on the trees.
In November I want to make Toffee apples and I am looking forward to a new round of Food Exchange with Lucy. I want to decorate the house a bit wintry and maybe I will start a few DIY-projects. I am excited!
Have a great November and enjoy autumn and the start of winter!


The Food Exchange: About a Super British Banoffee Pie {and how I dropped it}

It is ‘Food Exchange’-time again – that means Lucy from lucyabakes sends me a typical English recipe and I send her a typical German recipe – we met through blogging and realized that we both love to bake and that it is quite funny, that she is from England but lives in Germany – and for me it is exactly the other way round.
I am always looking forward to the email where I get told about the recipe for the month. This month we went for an autumnal topic and Lucy sent me a recipe for Banoffee Pie. Great choice!


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The Food Exchange: Apple Crumble – Welcome, Autumn!

It is already the end of the month and there is still one thing missing on the blog: the Food Exchange with my lovely fellow blogger Lucya. The Food Exchange is our challenge where she (English but living in Germany) gives me a traditional English recipe and I (German but living in England) give her a traditional German recipe to bake…and this is the 3rd month we’re doing it. It is so much fun!
We went for the topic “apples” this month and when she sent me the recipe for this month I realized I had never made apple crumble before and that, to be honest, I would probably never make it as it just never took my fancy.
But that is exactly the reason why I love doing this so much because you discover new things that you would normally have never tried.
So one night this week I made the crumble. It took literally 10 minutes to prepare everything…and then the crumble was in the oven. When we took it out after 30 minutes the whole kitchen smelled lovely!

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