The first Birthday continued (with a refined sugar free cake) II


After last weeks Birthday-post about my first semi-naked cake which was a bit of a sugar bomb (although VERY delicious), this weeks post is about a cake that is a little bit more healthy – but still really, really yummy!

We wanted to try and keep our little daughter away from refined sugar for as long as possible so a couple of months ago I started researching in order to find a recipe for a refined sugar free cake that actually tastes nice. In the end I combined a few recipes so that it worked perfectly for me. I wanted the cake to be healthy but not taste too healthy, and for us this is the case: Our daughter loves the cake, and so do we!

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A very exciting first Birthday including cake (of course!) I

How very exciting! Our daughter turned 1 a few weeks ago!
We spent a super lovely Birthday-weekend with family and it was truly special.

Of course, there is no Birthday without cakes so for the guests my mum, my step dad and I prepared a cake buffet with various cakes. I made two cakes for the buffet. One of them was a semi-naked sponge cake filled with buttercream and raspberry jam (the jam I accidentally ‘stole’ from my mum, she wanted to use it for another cake – ooops :)).

The other cake I made was without refined sugar, but it still tastes like a normal cake and I don’t think you miss the sugar at all (promise!).

But we’ll start with the sponge cake for this week…

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Review: April

April has just flown by! It has been my last month of maternity leave and we had quite a lot of great exciting things going on – not only did we pay a visit to family and friends to Germany, we also celebrated our daughter’s first Birthday.

In April I wrote about a lovely day trip to Llandudno in Wales and for the sweet tooth there was a recipe for lovely little raspberry pastries :).

In May I would like to write about our little girl’s first Birthday – it was such a special day to us!

Light and Airy Quark Pastries


I hope you enjoyed these last couple of days that were so warm and lovely! Today I am looking outside and it is raining…all I can say is that I hope this was not all for this summer – I hope there are plenty of warm days that lie ahead :).

…and for these warm days I have a recipe idea for you that I found last year in a German food magazine called ‘Deli’. These cute quark pastries are filled with raspberries and a delicious cream cheese filling. They are quick and easy to make and also easy to eat – so they’re perfect to take to a garden party or a picnic.

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A day in Llandudno


About 1.5 hours drive from Manchester there is a seaside resort in Wales called Llandudno. When we went there last summer it was a fairly warm but very cloudy and foggy day.

It was a lovely family day out and I managed to take some pictures. As you can see there was definitely a lack of sunshine on that day – but I was still so impressed by the lovely bright colours of the gras, the flowers and the sea!

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Review: March

Better late than never…here is my little review for March.

Finally a bit more time to spend in the kitchen…a bit more baking in March – which I loved very much!
Lucy and I did the Food Exchange and I made a Lemon Drizzle Cake and Fudge for Easter. It is so much fun, have a look here what it is all about if you’re interested!
I also showed some pictures of a trip to Blackpool with its blue skies, colourful funfair and fun seaside atmosphere.
Oh, and if you need a super quick recipe for a sweet treat, have a look here for my idea what you can do with puff pastry and cream.

April is going to be very busy so I don’t know yet how much I will actually be able to write here on the blog – but I will try my best. I am going to visit family in Germany and there is going to be our little girl’s first birthday…I am very excited!
Have a great April everyone!