Cake decorating…

…is something I have wanted to learn for a long time! As you all know I love baking, but when it comes to decorating cakes I have a lot to learn.
So when finally an opportunity came up to attend a cake decorating class I couldn’t say no and joined up with a colleague of mine.

The first course was last week and there will be 10 sessions all in all – so I guess there will be a bit of cake-decorating-content where I show you what I have done over the next few months.

Last week we started with fondant and although I am normally more the naked-cake-kind-of-girl I learned so much and working with fondant (covering the cake etc.) was a lot of fun!

Each session takes two hours – which sounds a lot, but really isn’t (for me at least) so after covering the cake with fondant it was time to go home and I finished the decoration a day later.

As you probably can tell: I love, love, love this course already! This week is the second session and I already can’t wait. We will be making cupcakes…and I surely will show you how they turned out! Have a great weekend everyone!

P.s.: the cake was for the birthday of my friends little girl and I just had to add some pictures of how we transported the cake in my father-in-laws black cab for the very short journey. As you can see: my little girl was delighted – driving in a cab with grandad + looking forward to eating cake…what could there be that is better?! 😉

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