The Food Exchange – Christmas Rocky Road


It’s time for the Food Exchange again and, as always, my friend Lucy from lucyabakes bakes something that is well known in Germany and I bake something that is well known in England. The story behind this is that I am from Germany, but live in England and Lucy is from England, but lives in Germany. We met through blogging quite a few years ago and have developed a lovely friendship since then. If you want to know more about the Food Exchange, please have a look here.

Anyway, this months theme is – surprise, surprise – Christmas. So the aim is to bake/make something that is Christmas related. As I needed a few nice gifts and also have never made Rocky Road before (I had never heard of it before moving to England), I decided to give it a go and make it Christmassy by using a few special ingredients and some nice Christmas decorations.

I took inspiration from this recipe, to make sure I got the amounts right but used German Christmas biscuits instead of digestives (I basically used the broken one’s and the one’s that didn’t look as nice from when I baked Christmas biscuits a few days before) and also I didn’t use any desiccated coconut.
Once the whole mix was spread in the form and topped with the remaining white chocolate I added these fun Christmas sugar decorations.

Once all that was done they only had to cool down and I could cut and wrap them in pretty bags. I didn’t cool the mixture in the fridge, but let them cool at room temperature so that the chocolate kept its shine.

I have to say I could have eaten them all on my own – I really can recommend the recipe and although this might not be the typical sweet treat for Christmas I think these make lovely gifts for friends and can bring you in that Christmas mood. Maybe next time I will add a little bit of cinammon.

Do you have any favourite recipes for Rocky Road? I would love to hear about them!


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