Biscuits in two colours + my first attempt at flooding and piping

When it comes to making biscuits for Christmas I usually pick one Sunday afternoon where I then make 6 kinds of biscuits whilst looking after a baby/toddler. And although I have a great husband that always helps me, the kitchen usually looks like a bomb site that he ends up cleaning at 9 o’clock at night – not the Sunday evening you imagine.

So this Christmas I wanted to approach it differently and my aim is to just spare a couple of hours each weekend and focus on one or two kinds of biscuit each weekend. We shall see how that goes :).
I made a start last Saturday, with the enthusiastic help of my little girl (eating dough ;)).

I made these little mushrooms out of shortcrust and dyed half of the dough red. By rolling parts of the two doughs out next to each other, whilst slightly overlapping you get a two-coloured dough. This is how I did it:

After baking the biscuits and after they were completely cooled down I left some plain and just added white dots on the red bit.
The others I used to practice my non-existing piping and flooding skills. I made icings in white and red and for each colour I made two kinds of icings: one thicker and one thinner.
The thicker one I filled in a plastic bag, cut a small corner off and lined the mushrooms. Once this line was dry to the touch I flooded the areas with the thinner icing – which worked surprisingly well.
I always use icing sugar and lemon juice instead of water, as I think the sour taste of the lemon takes away from the sweetness of the biscuit and the icing sugar and gives it a really delicious taste.

Do you bake Christmas biscuits and if so, what are your favourite kinds and do you like to bake them all at once or one at a time? 🙂

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  1. thesnowwoman says:

    They are lovely! I want to try this now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. madebygreta says:

      Give it a try. They’re super easy to make but quite effective 🙂


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