Advent…Advent…Advent calendar in a box


I am not going to go on about how close Christmas is all of a sudden – just one thing: as you can see on the photos I am not really prepared yet regarding accessories and decorations :). But I thought that is not that important and I’d rather post it without photos that contain Christmas decorations (that are currently still somewhere in our loft) – because maybe there is someone who wants to take advantage of the next couple of weeks to make and advent calendar like this?!

This advent calendar is not a regular one that will just stay in our house, no…it is one that I will give to someone as a present. So when I thought about how I could make one the number 1 priority (besides it looking nice) was that I can transport it or post it without a problem and without anything breaking. So I thought it had to be a calendar that fits in a box. I bought a simple craft box for this purpose…and that was it, because all the other utensils I already had at home in my crafting cupboard.


These are the things I used to make this advent calendar:

– 1 square box
– two kinds of paper (tracing paper and normal white paper)
– scissors
– embroidery fabric
– 3 different colours of embroidery yarn
– glue

First of all I folded the boxes, which took me one whole morning – I slightly under estimated and initially thought that it wouldn’t take as much time. To fold the boxes I used this tutorial, which I found on Pinterest.
As you can see the brown box is not 100% filled by the little boxes as I didn’t measure it, but it doesn’t matter in my opinion. Once the boxes were all folded I cut the embroidery fabric to match the boxes and then I stitched the numbers on the fabric. To achieve the numbers in a similar font I developed a technique that really helps me: I use my tablet device and mirror whatever I want to write (so that I only write on the back of the fabric, as for me that turns out a bit neater). I put the fabric on top of the screen and zoom the number to the size in which I need it. I now take a pen to pause the number through. It is sometimes a bit fiddly with the touch screen but it works really well for me.
Finally I glued the fabric pieces on the respective boxes, filled them with sweets and put the small boxes in the big box.

And that’s it. A super simple advent calendar, where you don’t need a lot of material either. I really enjoyed the process of making this little advent calendar and I am sure it will look even nicer once the surroundings are a bit more ‘christmassy’ ;).
Do you have a tradition of having an advent calendar?


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