The Food Exchange – 3 years??!! Let’s celebrate with chocolate cake!


This month 3 years ago Lucy and I started our project called “The Food Exchange”. I actually had to double check if it has really been three years already because I couldn’t believe it. But it really is true – and a lot has happened in the meantime:
We both had a baby, bought a house and traveled quite a bit (mainly between Germany and England). It truly has been an exciting 3 years.
And amongst all the things happening we kept on doing the Food Exchange. And I can say for myself that I absolutely love it…I have baked so many things that I otherwise would never have made and I can honestly say that I am looking forward to it every single month.
Apart from that – and more importantly – I have found an amazing friend Lucy. Funnily enough we have never met in person (although I can’t wait to finally do this), but have become friends through writing messages to each other…almost old-fashioned like a letter friend ;).

Anyway, obviously this month had to be a Birthday theme and Lucy asked me to make a chocolate cake, and believe it or not I have never made a typically English chocolate cake before…


Lucy suggested a good old Mary Berry recipe to me – this one to be precise. And as expected it didn’t disappoint. I loved it as it was quick and easy to make (I made the actual cake the day before) and really delicious.

I just decorated the top with fruit and almond pralines.

As you can see on the picture below, the cake did really go down well. My daughter was even quick enough to get her hands on it whilst I was busy with the settings of my camera :). Now she might not be the best taster as she loves anything that is sweet – but the adults that were eating the cake loved it as well.

I personally couldn’t have more than one piece as it is very chocolaty but just sitting down and enjoying one piece of it is heaven.

Thank you Lucy for an amazing 3 years! My blogging journey wouldn’t be the same without you (and we really need to meet in person very soon!). Happy Birthday, Food Exchange! xxxOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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