DIY Gift Wrap


Recently we were invited to a 60th Birthday and I was looking for a simple way to make the plain brown paper I found in my crafting-drawer look a bit nicer.
The birthday present was for my father-in-law so it didn’t have to be as colorful as I would have wanted it to be for a girl.
I had a quick look at the supplies I could find at home and got started…

All I used was:
– 1 potato (halved)
– scissors
– a knife
– ink pad (water colors work as well)
– thread and tape to actually wrap the gift and a gift tag

Potato print is super easy, although I have to admit I had some trouble drawing the ‘6’ the right way so that it wasn’t mirrored once stamped :). Eventually I figured it out and after carving a ‘6’ and a ‘0’ in each half of the potato I could start stamping on the paper.
I checked before stamping what size of wrapping paper I needed and then stamped over the whole lot. Once I was done I let it dry for a bit, wrapped the paper and was really happy with my quick DIY – I must say. The stamping is not perfect in anyway but I think that is in the nature of potato printing. It was fund and I think it looks really nice.

As you can see on my Christmas-posts here, here and here I enjoy wrapping gifts by using simple materials. Do you have a recommendation for me, a new wrapping technique I should try? How do you wrap your gifts?


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