The Food Exchange – Enjoy your picnic with Scotch Eggs


The weather last weekend was perfect for a picnic – and although we didn’t go far, the little picnic in our garden was soooo good!
As you may have gathered by now – this months Food Exchange theme is…. PICNIC :).

Lucy’s challenge for me this month was to make Scotch Eggs. Another challenge that was absolutely new to me – and this is exactly what I love so much about our project!

(If this is the first time you read about Lucy’s and my Food Exchange project, just have a look here:)).


I have to say I am not the biggest fan of frying stuff. I don’t have a fryer and I just don’t do frying very often. I definitely didn’t spare a second thought when Lucy asked me whether I’d like to make these, though. I think it is because Scotch Eggs are one of these things that I only eat in pubs or restaurants – but never actually considered making them myself.

I decided to use a good old Jamie Oliver recipe which you can find here. It was easy and straight forward to make and surprisingly it really didn’t take long to make these.

…and, wow, they actually tasted delicious and like real Scotch Eggs. I am definitely going to make these again for when we have guests.

Thank you, Lucy for the idea! I hope you enjoyed your challenge as much as I did enjoy mine!


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  1. Mmh, I love scotch eggs too! 😊 I have a recipe for some baked ones – it works surprisingly well. They’re a bit different than deep fried ones but still really good!


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