Puff pastry + cream = quick and yummy treat!


On a Sunday a few weeks ago I really fancied something sweet and cake-like. However, I didn’t really want to spend the time in the kitchen to bake a proper cake…and I didn’t fancy leaving the house either.

The solution came to me when I looked in the fridge and saw a roll of puff pastry, which initially was meant to be used for a savoury dish.
Well, change of plans, this puff pastry had to be transformed into something sweet!

Luckily I also had a bit of double cream in the fridge so I used these two main ingredients, as well as a bit of vanilla sugar and icing sugar to make these little Puff Pastry hearts:

With a cookie cutter I cut out stars of various sizes and then baked the puff pastry in the baking oven according to the instructions on the packet.
Whilst the puff pastry was baking I whipped the cream and added a bit of vanilla sugar for taste.
Finally I used the whipped cream and the baked puff pastry hearts to make little sandwiches by spreading whipped cream on a heart and using another one as a lid.

That’s it – not difficult, not fancy but a cute and delicious sweet treat.
I think Sundays are made for coffee and cake or other sweet things and I was happy that my ‘problem’ was so easily solved ;).


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  1. That’s a great idea – quick and easy, but still sounds delicious 😊

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    1. madebygreta says:

      Thank you very much 😊

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