A day in Blackpool


After what felt like a long and cold winter to me I am ready for the warmer days! The last couple of days it seems to have been a bit warmer and lighter here in Manchester and so I thought it is time for a bit of sun on the blog here as well :).

Today I want to show you some photos I took during a trip to Blackpool that we did last summer. It was a beautiful, sunny and warm day and we had so much fun walking along the piers!


The first time I went to Blackpool was nearly five years ago and I honestly had never seen anything like it before in my life. Basically a seaside town that resembles one big fun fair – a paradise for kids and definitely a fun day out for me as an adult as well. Although I have to say that I don’t think I could go there more than once a year and after spending the day there I was super exhausted. It is just like a whole different world!


Blackpool is a town in England on the Irish Sea coast. Since the end of the 18th century Blackpool has been a famous place for day trips and holidays for children as well as for adults. However, due to the opening of more theme parks and cheap flights to other countries the tourism industry in Blackpool has struggled for a long time now  – behind all the colourful lights, the music and the general up beat atmosphere you can tell that the town has seen better days and is now one of the most deprived in Britain.

For many adults Blackpool holds so many memories of how they came there on holidays and day trips with their families as children. As I said before, I couldn’t handle more than one day at a time in Blackpool but for a day it is such good fun…spending a few hours at the fun fair, buying the famous Blackpool Rock, having Fish & Chips at one of the many restaurants, enjoying the seaside…

I think – or actually: I know – our little girl will love it once she is older and ready for the fun fair – and at the end of a great day in Blackpool us parents are going to be ready for another year without Blackpool – whilst our daughter is going to sit in the back of the car, tired from a long day but happy, high on sugar and full of adrenaline from all the rides. At least this is how I imagine it… 🙂


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