Our little girl’s room


Our little girl will soon be a year old and finally I manage to show a few pictures of her room :).
We had a lot of fun thinking about what kind of room to create for our daughter Frieda and although it is certainly not the most important thing for a baby to have her own room right from the start, we loved doing it.
Some of you may be wondering why one wall in her room is blue although she is a little girl :). The reason for this is that we didn’t want a typical boy’s or girl’s room – we wanted something a little more neutral. Also we decided not to find out whether we were having a boy or a girl.

The inspiration for Frieda’s room came from my little brother’s room that was created in a very similar way nearly 19 years ago: We wanted to create a lovely sky with stars by painting one wall in blue. So the sky, the stars…etc. – that was our theme.
A few of the details of the items in Frieda’s room are handmade in a very simple and affordable but (I think :)) nice and fun way and I wanted to show to you what and how we’ve done it in this post.

The baby bed was mine when I was a little girl and the wardrobe was used by my brothers when they were young. The chair was found at a flea market by my dad and I love sitting there sometimes, watching Frieda play.
The nappy changing table is our old Hemnes chest of drawers from Ikea including a frame which we bought on etsy that converts the drawer into a nappy changing table. In order with the theme of the room we’ve replaced the knobs with some nicer one’s that have little stars on them.


For the stars on the wall we used white air drying modelling clay (like this one), a rolling pin and cookie cutters to cut out the stars. After drying them for a couple of days we attached them to the wall with ‘no more nails strips’ which worked really well.

For the lampshade we used a £1.50 lamp shade from Ikea, a star stencil, some grey tissue paper and glue. I glued the stars around the lamp shade (although on the picture it weirdly looks like there are no stars on the left hand side). It really helped using a stencil to cut out the stars as they look much nicer when they’re all uniform.


The most important thing is that Frieda really seems to love her room. She loves playing in it and we look at the stars together. I hope she will make many nice memories in there :).

…and I also hope that you enjoyed my little guided tour through Frieda’s room. Have you enjoyed decorating your little one’s room?




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  1. nat says:

    What a beautiful room. Your daughter is very lucky 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. madebygreta says:

      Thank you very much 😊


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