DIY Last minute Christmas cards


In less than a week all the madness around Christmas preparations will be over and we will hopefully all enjoy some quality time with family, loads of food gifts and laughter. Until then some of you still might have to organise a few cards or gift tags and so I thought I would show you an idea about how to make lovely cards or tags by just using material you might have at home already.


I have seen loads of similar ideas like this on Pinterest and thought I would give it a go as well. I used the following materials:

– masking tape
– tissue paper
– golden paper or star stickers
– brown pen
– glue

For the first card I used gold paper, masking tape and a brown pen. For the second card I used tissue paper instead of masking tape and for the third card I used circles that were cut out of tissue paper…

But all that is not super important because the great thing about these cards is that almost everything can be substituted. Basically most importantly you need is a card or a square of thicker paper for a gift tag.
For all the rest you can be as creative as you want: if you don’t have golden paper just draw a star with a pen…if you don’t have green paper use pages out of a newspaper, an old book or magazine…you name it. Just make sure that the torn or cut pieces get smaller towards the top so that they resemble the shape of a triangle. At the top of the triangle you stick or draw a star – and of the bottom you draw a trunk.


These cards are literally that easy that it doesn’t really need any instructions – but just looking at pictures like these sometimes give me the incentive to look at what I have lying around in the house and to just work with what I have got. I think doing that is so much fun and makes you realise that it often doesn’t need much to make great things.

I am really happy with my last minute cards and gift tags and maybe a few of you get the paper and scissors out tonight whilst watching TV to make something similar?

I wish you all a very happy Christmas with a few relaxed days and lots of fun and great food! I can’t wait to start cooking and to put all the gifts under the tree :).


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  1. I love handmade gift cards like this, feels very personal 🙂

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    1. madebygreta says:

      I agree…there is just a nice feel about it 🙂

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      1. Personal and with love, good job 🙂 Enjoy Christmas time!

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