Mini-bunting card


Crafting doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Often you can make really pretty things by just using what you have got at home. As an example I took some photos of a card I made for an autumn birthday this year and would like to share them with you today.


As a base for the card I used a left over piece of card board and folded it in the middle.
I then stamped the leaves on the card (on the front as well as on the back). Once I had the card and was happy with the stamping I made a very small bunting out of some left over brown paper and some string and stamped letters on the bunting.
Finally I fixed the bunting to the card using some cellular tape, which I covered with masking tape to make it look nice (the masking tape on its own was too weak to hold the bunting).

As you can see this card has more of an autumn theme, however I think the bunting and the card itself is adaptable to many occasions. For the bunting you could use all sorts of paper, just test before if you can stamp on it.
Talking about stamps: I love my letter stamps. I have had them for years and years and use them a lot – it is really worth investing in a set, I think mine is from MUJI and it really didn’t cost the world.
And if you don’t have stamps you could always draw, make a stamp out of potatoes, take a coloured piece of card board…the options are endless :).

I just think it is really nice to see that with a few stamps, some left over paper and string and a tiny bit of tape you can make a card that probably will make someone really happy!
I’d love to get more inspiration about making nice cards (or other things) out of stuff most people will have at home anyway. How do you love to craft?


6 thoughts on “Mini-bunting card

  1. Rosie says:

    I’d be chuffed to bits to receive a card like this one – I love the autumnal leaf stamps and bunting! When I was younger, I used to make Christmas cards with my mum using all sorts of stamps and coloured glitter – absolutely great fun (and somewhat messy as my sister and I liberally applied glitter io cards… and every other surface in sight).

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