GRUB Food Fair in Manchester


Food markets and markets in general are a big passion of mine. It is the whole vibe, the relaxed environment, amazing food and handmade things that I love. I also feel that I can relate to the people that sell things that they have put so much energy and love in. The things they made are almost like their babies – you can often see in their eyes how proud they are and also sometimes a little bit nervous…who will buy something? Will people be even interested in my products?

Having had a market stall myself and having helped my mum selling her handmade things I know this feeling and it makes me so happy when I can buy handmade things at a market and support independent business. There is just something so special about it and this feeling doesn’t stay at the market, it makes me happy when I am back at home enjoying a piece of cake that I maybe bought or admiring something handmade that finds a new place in my home.

Therefore I am a big fan of GRUB in Manchester and when they opened the GRUB Food Fair I was very, very excited to go and try the delicious food and drinks on offer!

On their website GRUB describe themselves like this:

“GRUB is a street food events company. We organise events that include amazing food, fantastic craft ale, cracking live music and as much fun as possible. We spend a lot of our time supporting and mentoring new traders to ensure Manchester has the freshest lineup of grassroots food operators. We are fiercely passionate about supporting independent business. We are committed to delivering inclusive events designed to reduce the barriers between punters and the producers of their food.”

…and that is exactly the feeling you get when you come to the Food Fair!

The pictures I took in August this year. Over the winter GRUB has moved to Fairfield Social Club. I haven’t been there yet but can’t wait to pay it a visit! You can find more info about the new location here.



It was quite a nice summer day when we went but, to be honest, most of the outside area is sheltered so it would even be lovely to visit when the weather is not as good.


The different traders served their food out of colourful containers and there was something for every taste. I tried Mac’n’Cheese and it was to die for!


Even children won’t be bored as there are pencils to draw with and l there even was a tattoo station for these small tattoos that stick on your skin with the help of a little bit of water…although you could almost get the impression that this was used by more adults than kids ;).


The whole atmosphere at the GRUB Food Fair is so relaxed, laid back and happy – I can’t wait to go back!
Should you be in Manchester at some point during the weekend, please go and have a look and try the food stalls – you won’t regret it!


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  1. It looks like a lovely day out! I’ve been to a few foodie days out which have been sorely disappointing and it’s left me feeling once burned, twice shy. But this seems really worthwhile


    1. madebygreta says:

      Oh no that is really annoying! This one I can really recommend though 😊


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