Halloween – Spooky Cake Pops

I am personally not the biggest Halloween fan but the other day I found this great idea on a blog called “The Cake Blog” and especially as we’re having a family-Halloween-party this year I really wanted to bake something cool for the party.
On Pinterest I have seen other Cake Pop ideas for Halloween but this is by far the best idea in my opinion and I really had to write a blogpost about it…maybe one of you is also still looking for a cool Halloween baking idea?!

I am going to make a cake or muffins and will decorate either with these Cake Pop ghosts. Having loads of the lollipop sticks at home, as well as proper Cake Pop sticks and almost all the ingredients for the ghosts I used the early Sunday morning to try out the recipe.


As already mentioned I found this amazing recipe on www.thecakeblog.com. Instead of lollypops I used the Cake Pops – I have a form but you can also easily make them without a form.
I didn’t have enough chocolate to dip the Cake Pops in white chocolate before covering them with the chocolate coated foil – next time I will definitely do that as otherwise the Cake Pop peaks through the white chocolate (as already mentioned in the original recipe).
Also, I only had edible black paint but I think it looks much better to paint the faces in dark chocolate.

As you can see there is still room for improvement but I have to say I really love these cute and very spooky ghosts and I will definitely make them again for the Halloween Party in two weeks. I will show the results on instagram – my account name is @madebygreta and I would love to hear from you!


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  1. They look so cool! Nice work (:

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