Review: September

September just flew by and I know I keep saying it…but I cannot believe it is October already and we have to start thinking about Christmas presents. How crazy is that!
Last month we had the most amazing time in Berlin. I will share some pictures here soon.
On the blog I wrote about Crumpets, they were mouthwatering! I also showed you some pictures and the story about Frieda’s and my birth cards and I shared a recipe of my mum’s Plum tart with you.

In October I want to share some pictures of an afternoon we spent in a beautiful park. I will also write about the new Food Exchange, the topic will be chocolate, and I am a bit nervous how the bake will turn out as I have never made anything like it before – so it might be a total mess.
I have a few other ideas and maybe I will also find the time to write about the GRUB food fair in Manchester, which is well worth a visit.

I hope you will all have a lovely October, full of cozy moments at home, when the days start getting shorter and shorter – let’s make the most of it!

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