Birth cards – now and 29 years ago


A long time before our little girl was born I already knew how I wanted her birth cards to look like. I always adored the birth cards my mum made when I was born and I was determined I wanted to copy the way she did them for my first child. I wanted it to be my way to welcome my girlie in this world and to celebrate her arrival.

As we  didn’t know the gender before the birth, I bought two different kinds of yarn during the very impatient wait after my due date had passed – ready to get started as soon as possible :).

Today I want to show you a few pictures of the cards that I made for the closest family to say thank you for all the wishes and lovely gifts. I will describe a little bit how I made them. They are very special to me and I put a lot of effort in every single card. We also wrote them all by hand so it took a little while to make them – but it was so worth it!

There wasn’t a lot of things I needed to make these cards. I bought nice white passepartout cards, cross stitching fabric and yarn, double sided tape and glue, a nice tape and we ordered some pictures to put on the inside of the card.



I copied my mums cross stitch pattern and eventually found a way how to do them whilst breast feeding – I am quite impatient so I was glad to have something I could do with my hands.



After the stitching was done I added them to the cards and we started writing them. Additionally to the message we chose a quote from Winnie the Pooh that we love:

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts”
(Winnie the Pooh)

The story of Winnie the Pooh is quite close to my heart and it is one of my favourite books ever!
As mentioned above, there is also a picture in each card. The pictures are printed on square cards and we got them from Inkifi – I would like to point out that the quality of the pictures is brilliant and it was definitely not the last time I ordered something from there.



I’m so happy and also a little bit proud with how the cards turned out and I love that my daughter and I almost had the same cards made for when we were born.

Today I just wanted to show pictures, rather than giving the full instructions on how I made them, but should anyone be interested, don’t hesitate to contact me :).


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  1. lucyabakes says:

    They are beautiful Greta! Ours is still sat on the window sill! Xx


  2. These are beautiful – what a gorgeous way to welcome your baby into the world and share the news. And I am very impressed you manage to do them while feeding her!

    Liked by 1 person

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