The Food Exchange – Breakfast


Today Lucy from and I are back with the monthly Food Exchange – the theme is Breakfast. If you haven’t read about Lucy’s and my Food Exchange, please have a look here where you can find all the details and recipes we tried out before.
This month Lucy’s suggestion for me was making Crumpets.
Before I moved to England I had never heard of Crumpets…but after trying then I immediately discovered that they are super, super delicious!

Crumpets are toasted and then eaten with butter, that melts in the pores of this tasty and quite fluffy flour and yeast bake. I always thought making them must be quite difficult, so I never gave it a try – for me they were one of these things that you buy every now and then, but that you never really consider making yourself.
When Lucy suggested this bake to me and I looked at the recipe I couldn’t wait to give it a try because it actually sounded more than doable to me.

After it was clear that I was going to make Crumpets I researched a bit and decided to go for a good old Jamie Oliver recipe – you can find it here.

I enjoy using Jamie’s recipes and wasn’t disappointed when choosing this one.

Making the crumpets was surprisingly easy and it didn’t require many ingredients (which is always a bonus for me).
I made the Crumpets on a Saturday morning and after the first two didn’t turn out as I wanted them (basically they were burnt), I finally found a good way of doing it and was really pleased with how the remaining one’s turned out.


In fact, they were so good that we ate the whole lot whilst sitting in the sunshine :).

As most of my German family and friends don’t know Crumpets I will definitely make them again – maybe as a breakfast treat, the next time we have visitors.

Thanks again, Lucy for making me try out new recipes!
Now I can’t wait to head over to Lucy’s blog and see how her bake turned out. Please have a look as well and…as always: if you have any suggestions regarding what we could bake, which themes we could go for etc…just send us a quick message or write a comment.


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  1. lucyabakes says:

    They look delicious!

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  2. knittingtwitter says:

    I just read the recipe and please be aware that there is a typo on the linked Website.. and people were complaining … but yours look really delicious..

    Liked by 1 person

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