When life gives you lemons… (II)


After writing about Lemon Curd last week I want to continue with the second lemon-related post today.
I had the idea to make a lemon-related mini version of a gift basket so after making the Lemon Curd as a second step I started decorating the jars.
I decorated the jars in a very simple way but thought it is still worth showing, as it didn’t involve the usual sticker and I think it looks quite nice and is a little bit different.
Please have a look below for a few more details :).


As I said, for labelling my Lemon Curd jars I wanted to avoid stickers and tags. On top of that I wanted to use what I had at home anyway.

For these special Lemon Curd tags you will need:

– a lace doily or a round shaped piece of fabric that can be fitted on top of a jam jar
– a pencil
– a needle
– scissors
– yellow yarn (I only had thicker yarn at home so I separated the strings to make it a bit thinner)
– one or two pretty beads

I came up with this idea when I saw two old lace doily that I once got from my great auntie but never used. They fitted perfectly around the jam jar and I used yellow yarn to stitch on it. Before I started with the stitching I used the pencil to roughly pre-write the letters on the doily.
The stitching didn’t take very long and afterwards I ironed the doilies – not too much though, so that they didn’t get too flat and kept their slight 3D shape.
Finally I used the same yarn to fix the doilies on top of the jar and decorated the end with a pretty bead.

I have to say I like this version of a tag and the great thing is you could use red yarn for strawberry jam…etc. The great thing for me is that I could use things I already had at home – almost a bit like upcycling ;).

To complete my small lemon-related gift box I also decided to make a lemon cake. In the last part of my lemon-blogposts I will show you next week what kind of cake I went for.

What do you think about this way of labelling jam jars? How do you usually do it? I would love to hear from you!


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