The Food Exchange – Summer Puddings

Lucy and I are back again with our Food Exchange after a five month long break.
For everyone who doesn’t know what the Food Exchange is all about yet, please have a look here. This is were you can also find all our previous challenges if you are after some inspiration.

The perfect theme for Summer (to enjoy it – if you are in Germany … to wish it would finally come – if you are here in Manchester) is of course “Summer Puddings“.


As a traditional English recipe Lucy suggested making “Queen of Puddings” to me – something I had never heard of before.
In essence Queen of Puddings is a desert that consists of breadcrumbs that are boiled in milk and some recipes can be dated back to the seventeenth century according to Wikipedia. In the more modern versions jam as well as a meringue topping have been added.

I used a Mary Berry recipe when I made it. You can find it here. Instead of using one bowl I used several small ovenproof jars for my Queen of Puddings.

It was the perfect summery desert for one of the not so many hot days we’ve had so far this year here in Manchester. The next day we had a few portions left and found it was even tastier then. As aways: thank you, Lucy – what a tasty recipe! And funnily enough no one that I know had ever heard about it, so everyone learnt something new :).


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