The Food Exchange – Cheesecake

When Lucy and I were looking for a new Food-Exchange-topic we realized in all these months we’ve never baked Cheesecakes – well, at least in Germany Cheesecake is one of THE cakes so we of course didn’t want to miss out on this.
I gave Lucy a traditional German recipe and she suggested a no bake Cheesecake to me. Lucy mentioned that Cheesecake might not be the most traditional cake in England, but that it seems that no bake Cheesecake is more known in England than in Germany. I have the same impression and decided to give it a go.



When making a no bake Cheesecake, please be aware that it has to rest in the fridge over night or at least for 6 hours. But it is very quickly prepared and perfect for when you expect guests the next day.
I went for a chocolate nut Cheesecake and finally had an excuse to buy the super expensive Ferrero Rocher, that I love so much :).

The recipe I used is from BBC Good Food and you can find it here.
The base is a mix of digestive crumbs and butter, the base is a mix of cream cheese, double cream and hazelnut chocolate pieces and the top is chocolate cream…I knooow – I hear you saying: “how unhealthy for the start of the year when everyone is on a diet”. BUT – first of all you’ve got to enjoy life – and what is better than a piece of cake on a Sunday afternoon? And secondly I’m not exactly on a diet at the moment as I’m pregnant. This doesn’t mean that I don’t eat healthily but I certainly enjoy more treats than usual ;).

Now I can’t wait to see how Lucy’s recipe turned out – have a look at her wonderful blog. I just love the pictures she takes!


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