The Food Exchange – Savoury, warm comfort food

I have just seen that my last post was from almost a month ago. I can’t believe it! Time is flying at the moment and so, so much is happening.
Although it is almost mid January I wish all of you all the best for the new year! May 2017 be wonderful, exciting and full of happiness!

Lucy’s and my Food Exchange start this year with savoury and warm food that counts as comfort food as well as party food – how practical :).
Lucy suggested to make sausage rolls to me  – what a traditional and typical English recipe!
And, as usual, I suggested a German recipe to her. Head over to her blog to see more:

The recipe that I used for the sausage rolls (with a twist) you can find below.


Sausage rolls are an English classic and you can find them at almost every Party buffet.
To be honest – the normal sausage rolls don’t do a lot for me but Lucy suggested a recipe from delicious magazine to me where the sausage rolls are made from a mixture of pork sausage meat and black pudding. I love black pudding and the mix is perfect!

They are easily made, quick prepared and you don’t need many ingredients. That way they are perfect for any party or for a chilled out night in with a fresh salad.

You can find the recipe here.

Thank you, Lucy – as always I loved your suggestion for me. I can’t wait to read and see how your recipe turned out!



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  1. The sausage rolls look terrific, and the recipe definitely makes them a pleasant change from your typical party treats.

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