Simple but I like it – my gift wrapping for Christmas

The majority of people I know don’t particularly enjoy wrapping Christmas gifts. It seems to add to the usually full “to do” lists that pile up before Christmas and often I get the impression that it is more a chore than joy.
For me wrapping gifts is relaxing. I look forward to it and already in November I think of how I will wrap my gifts. I am not a fan of buying different wrapping papers, I like using the same wrapping paper and a similar style for all my gifts.


I always try my best as family owns/owned jewelry shops so if anyone knows how to wrap gifts it’s them. When I was still a child and a teenager and I used to help them in the shop during Christmas time it didn’t only happen once that I was told to wrap a gift again as it didn’t match their expectations :). So, I learned it the hard way and although my gift wrapping skills are not perfect yet, they improve a little bit every time I wrap a gift.


When it comes to the wrapping paper I absolutely adore all the lovely wrapping papers you can buy from independent shops etc. Every now and then I buy a really nice one but often I almost find them too pretty to cut them apart and wrap a gift with it. Really pretty wrapping paper I mostly use for birthdays – basically when I don’t have to wrap gifts for all my friends and family. For Christmas I like to use very simple and plain wrapping paper that I pimp with nice string, ribbon or paper. How I wrapped my gifts the last years you can see here.
This year I went for simple, white plain wrapping paper. To make the gifts more special I cut out golden stars.

You could use all sorts of paper and cut out all sorts of things, this is what I like of using plain paper: there is just much more space to do your own thing :).

Do you have any special traditions when it comes to gift wrapping? And do you see it more as a fun thing to do or does it stress you out a bit?


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  1. Oh my goodness no it’s definitely not a chore for me – obviously it’s on my ‘to do’ list so it IS a chore in that sense but I love it so much! In my organised years I can afford to buy the $10 papers from the independent shops (err, so that’s not this year!!) but I did have some luck with geometric reindeers in neutral tones on a white background. I’m not sure if I have a wrapping tradition? I can’t think of any…apart from mostly always using yarn and oddments of strings as ribbons and making my own tags. That you can do any year, which I always find fun. On the whole I LOVE wrapping presents and prettying them up and wanting to make an awesome impact – not only is the idea to please the receiver but to beat the subtle family competition that of course is never spoken of, but is always there. I do just love to have the very best looking presents for everyone!

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  2. madebygreta says:

    How nice to hear that I’m not the only one that puts wrapping gifts on my to do list but actually loves doing it 🙂
    The gift wrapping you chose this year sounds amazing and the subtle family competition is just the funniest thing – so true! 🙂
    Love, Greta.


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