A nice way to wrap and present a voucher!

Do you also sometimes have the problem that you want to give someone a voucher as a present but struggle to find a nice way to wrap it?
I mean, of course you can always use a nice card with an envelope, but sometimes I like to think of something a little bit different.
The way I wrapped vouchers for a game of football I’ve seen before somewhere online, but I didn’t have any instructions so I just made it up.

I think it is a really nice way to wrap a gift and if you would like to give it a go as well I took a few pictures and wrote a small tutorial in this blogpost.


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Our accommodation in Lisbon – Casa do Barao

As the last part of our trip to Lisbon I want to write a little bit about the hotel we stayed at, which we found online after a little research. It was important to us to choose a rather small-ish boutique hotel with a nice environment and a tasteful interior – and to make everything perfect a small pool. That way we hoped to be able to combine the typical city trip with a bit of relaxing pool-time.
I was amazed that we actually found a hotel that hit all these points and that was still in our budget – Hotel Casa do Barao.
So we booked it and eagerly awaited our arrival in Lisbon. (About our trip to Lisbon I already wrote here and here).
Have a look at the pictures to see how we experienced our stay at Casa do Barao – mini-spoiler ;): wow!


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The Food Exchange: Deliciously nutty!

The Food Exchange is entering the third season: Autumn. It is getting cooler and darker now but at the same time the leaves on the trees shine almost golden and enjoying this time of the year with a warm drink and something sweet is the best!
Like every month Lucy from Lucyabakes and I were looking for a topic to send each other recipes – perfect for the start of Autumn we chose “nuts” as this months topic.

Lucy gave me this recipe of a chocolate tiffin – I had never heard of such a thing before and love to learn something new. Chocolate Tiffin is a Scottish invention, dating back to around 1900. The great thing is that it is super easy to make and doesn’t even require baking!

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Bye September – Hi autumn

September was quite a warm and lovely month here in Manchester, especially towards the end. This was perfect for my first ever cake stall – the weather was not too cold, nor was it too hot that the cakes would melt away.
With Lucy and our monthly Food Exchange we used the chance to get seasonal fruit and I made a Peach (and raspberry) sponge pudding. Also I finally had the chance to tell you about the Klunkerkranich, a great location in Berlin.
However, the highlight of our month was our summer holiday in Lisbon – I wrote about it here and here.

Now I am looking forward to October, to autumn, to warm colors and cozy evenings at home whilst it is cold and windy outside. There is going to be a super easy chocolaty recipe on the blog, that Lucy recommended to me as well as a small DIY gift idea.

Have a good October everyone!