My first cake stall :)

As you all know I love baking (not really a secret, but I thought I’d just mention it again ;)). For quite a while I’ve fancied selling my cakes and maybe other handmade things on the markets around Manchester – but for some reason I was never brave enough to give it a go.
This is why I was more than happy when I was asked to bake some cakes for an event to raise money for a local sports team and charities. I thought it could give me the chance to see how it goes and to get a feeling for the whole cake-selling business.
So one Saturday in August I baked 5 different cakes and took them to a massive green field on the Sunday to set up my first cake stall.


Luckily the weather turned out to be perfect for a cake-selling-day as it was not too warm but it wasn’t raining either. Selling the cakes went really well – also thanks to the help of my favorite guy and my mum-in-law. Thank you!!


Also I learned many things for the next time – e.g. a gazebo is very useful and also a sign to let people know that the cakes are all homemade. I thought that was quite obvious, but many people weren’t sure about this. Also next time I would either have more things to sell or a slightly smaller table.
Anyway, it was a great day to get a first impression and I think I should really do it again. Therefore, I am aiming to get my hygiene certificate and a cake stall at one of the local markets.
Have you guys ever had a cake stall or something similar? If so, I am always grateful for ideas and hints :).



7 thoughts on “My first cake stall :)

  1. Rosie says:

    Your cakes look delicious! I’ve only ever sold cakes at school fête type events, but one thing that’s worth bearing in mind is a little card for each cake/bake listing the ingredients in case of allergies. Good luck! 🙂

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  2. lucyabakes says:

    They look amazing Greta! I am so pleased it went well! I think we are quite similar, I have always wanted to bake and sell my stuff at a food market but have always talked myself out of doing it (also have no idea how this works in Germany). I have (what I think) is a good business idea just need the confidence to do it! Good luck with it all, I am sure you will be fantastic! It’s a shame we don’t live in the same place 😉 xx

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    • madebygreta says:

      I absolutely agree! Maybe we just should be brave and give it ago…although this is easier said than done.
      Such a shame we don’t live in the same place! Next year we have to manage to meet at some point 🙂 xx


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