The Food Exchange – fresh fruit is always a good idea!

I actually cannot believe that this is already the ninth Food Exchange this year – is it really September yet??!?
For this months Food Exchange* Lucy from lucyabakes and I decided to suggest each other recipes that contain some sort of stone fruit. Lucy gave me the challenge to bake a peach and raspberry sponge pudding.
The recipe is perfect for autumn or late summer – here in England there are days when you can already smell the smoking chimney and hear the fallen leaves rustling when walking down the park as Autumn approaches. When you then come home to an amazing smelling dish that is warm and comforting it kind of completes the day in a really nice way.


Lucy suggested this recipe for me: and all I changed was that I used frozen raspberries that I let defrost before using them. I think that worked perfectly well.

For the German readers it might be worth pointing out that a pudding is not a Pudding in the German sense. Pudding describes a desert in a more general way in England 🙂 – so I hope you’re not disappointed that this is not a traditional Pudding-recipe.

However, making the sponge pudding is really easy and super quick. I prepared it in the morning and just put it in the oven again after dinner to warm it up slightly. It was delicious. Thanks Lucy! I can’t wait to read your post of this months Food Exchange.

*For those who don’t know: in our monthly Food Exchange Lucy from Lucya bakes and I give each other monthly challenges about certain topics. It always involves baking a certain recipe – for me this will be an recipe from England, for Lucy it will be a recipe from Germany. The story behind our Food Exchange is that we met via blogging and found out that Lucy is from England but lives in Germany – and that I am German living in England. To get to know the baking-traditions of each others countries we set up this challenge an I am still amazed at how much I learn from it!



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