Let’s go hiking up Mount Snowdon!

Several times over the last few weeks we were at home thinking it would have been nice to use one day of the weekend for a little trip somewhere to see something new for a day…and finally we made a plan and decided to hike up Mountain Snowdon in Wales last weekend.

The scenery and the environment around Snowdon is simply stunning and I used the time to take a few pictures that I want to show you today.

With anticipation we made sandwiches on Friday night and prepared everything for the following day. Saturday morning we started the 2.5 hours trip to Wales around 7.30 and the closer we came the more stunning the landscape was!

There are different paths up Snowdon – we decided to park the car in Llanberis, take a shuttle bus to the Pen Y Pas parking space and start the hike from there. That way we could take the Miners Path and the Pyg Trail on the way up – and the slightly easier Llamberis path for the way down so that we could just walk back to our car.

So far so good, everything had gone very smoothly until now, of course it couldn’t stay like this: on the bus we realised the sandwiches were still at home in our fridge and not in the backpack where they should be! We decided to see the positive side: water was way more important and we at least hadn’t forgotten that. And we had (partly not very energizing + sugary) snacks – so we wouldn’t starve on the way up 🙂

Finally we reached the start of the Miners path and quite excitingly started our hike. Mount Snowdon is (from what I am used to in Germany) not a very high mountain: around 1085m – but you start hiking at around 122m above see level, so there are over 1000m to hike.

The miners path almost starts like a comfortable walk, you pass beautiful lakes and there are perfect spaces to enjoy a homemade sandwiches – well, that is if you don’t forget them at home ;).

After around one hour the path gets steeper and finally the Miners Path meets the Pyg trail. From there it is maybe another 45 minutes until the top.
We managed to reach the top in a bit over 2 hours and were really happy with this time. At the end of the hike it got very crowded, the school holidays probably didn’t help.


On the summit it was very cloudy so we went for something to eat in the cafe and then decided to make our way down again.
Amazingly the sky then cleared a bit and we had a really great view.
The walk down was very, very windy – to a point where they stopped the trains going up and down the mountain and we had to sit down for a while because we just couldn’t fight against the wind anymore. However, this was just during the first part of the way down.

Finally, in the afternoon, we reached the town of Llanberis again and couldn’t wait to sit down.

I have to say I had a really great day and really enjoyed the hike, although I felt a little bit achy the next day :).
I can’t wait to plan our next day out – if you have any recommendations I would love to hear about them!

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  1. Stefan says:

    I suppose you forgot the sandwiches with the intention to enter the cafe. Finally, this was planned, wasn’t it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. madebygreta says:

      You just know me too well, of course I wouldn’t let go a chance of going to a coffeehouse! 🙂


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