Bye bye July, Hi August

July brought a bit of sunshine to Manchester, which was really, really nice! We enjoyed more time outside than usual, which was an unexpected bonus.

Incredibly, Lucy’s and my project the Food Exchange turned one, so we used the time to celebrate and baked more cakes – I made an english classic: Collin the caterpillar.

I also found time to show you my favourite summer salad ever, with goats cheese, caramelised peaches and beef.

One one of the less rainy days this month I made Mozartkugeln and showed you some pictures of our trip to Salzburg and when the weather got better again I showed you a recipe for delicious raspberry cheesecake that we enjoyed in the garden.

We had a good, quite relaxed month and now I am looking forward to August. I will celebrate my birthday and meet great friends and my dad during a day trip to Berlin – I am so excited! Also we will do a bit of hiking and I will have my first cake stall at a sports event. I can’t wait! 🙂

Have a great month!

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