The Food Exchange: Happy Birthday & an English favourite

One year ago Lucy and I met virtually via blogging and started our Food Exchange project together. As most of you will know already Lucy and I every month exchange a recipe about a certain topic, bake it and write about it on the post.
So this is our one-year-anniversary and I truly enjoy it every time. It’s fun and interesting to bake things that I normally maybe wouldn’t. It allows me to discover new recipes and learn about English traditions. In a nutshell: I love it!

Talking about traditions: Lucy’s Birthday recipe for me was a complete eye-opener. I have seen this kind of cake before in various super markets but I never thought it was an English classic – in fact, sometimes I found the “face” of Colin the caterpillar a little too scary. I researched a bit and asked my English family and they were quite stunned that I didn’t know it.
Colin was first sold by Marks & Spencer in the ’90s and the Telegraph says “We all know that a children’s party isn’t a real party without a Colin the Caterpillar cake.”- so it was definitely time to make one myself 🙂


Lucy suggested this recipe to me and it turned out to be perfect. The only thing I did differently was the face of Colin and its feet. I made the face out of marzipan and used raspberries for the feet.
Also I covered the cake with a tea towel and rolled it right after it came out of the oven and let it cool that way. I think this makes it less likely to break – as far as I remember, this is the way my mum makes cakes like this and her cakes are amazing :).

The cake is very moist and chocolaty but not too heavy- the perfect Birthday cake. Thanks for showing me this recipe, Lucy. It was a real eye-opener and made me change my mind about poor Colin the caterpillar! 🙂

Funnily enough I gave Lucy a recipe for a butterfly-cake. It turned out absolutely stunning – really, it looks like art. Head over to to have a look!


Below you can see all the bakes that I made for The Food Exchange. I really hope we will keep going!!
Now we just have to manage to meet in “real” life, Lucy. I think that would be great fun!

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  1. lucyabakes says:

    He looks brilliant Greta! But I 100% know what you mean about his face sometimes being scary! I have loved every challenge we have done and hope to keep it going! Weirdly I was saying to Tim it would be great if we could actually meet one day! Xx


  2. Looks brilliant. I’m *ahem* over 30 now and I still had one of these for my birthday last year 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. madebygreta says:

      I love that though! There is nothin better than a kids bday cake…no matter if you’re still a child or not 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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