Good bye June – Heyho July!

July? The seventh month of the year???! I still can’t believe that half the year 2016 is over already!
But before I talk about July let’s have a look at what happened in June: Actually there was quite a bit of baking going on in my kitchen – For June’s Food Exchange Lucy suggested a raspberry custard tart with thyme to me…so delicious! I made German Mandelhörnchen for a dear friend and we went for a wonderful picnic with sandwiches and homemade lemonade at Tatton Park, Manchester.
One lazy Sunday we made pancakes and I shared the recipe here on the blog. But the post closest to my heart this month was the last one where I told you about my time in Argentina and posted a recipe for delicious Alfajores :).

July will bring one year Food Exchange-Anniversary for Lucy and myself – how exciting!
Apart from that I want to show you a few pictures of some changes we made in our kitchen and I have a few recipes that I definitely want to share with you!
Until then I hope you have a fabulous weekend and hopefully better weather than it currently is here in Manchester.

Love, Greta.

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