#ichbacksmir – raspberry cheesecake

Raspberries are my favorite fruit ever! I love them and I find it hard to resist buying them outside the Raspberry season, in fact often I can’t resist and just buy them. I don’t even care that they are not as sweet – Raspberries in any form are just the best!

So when Clara from tastesheriff announced that this month’s #ichbacksmir-topic would be BERRIES I was delighted, as you can imagine.

Normally I am not the biggest fan of cheesecake but I found this recipe in the German magazine “Deli” and it looked and sounded really good – so I gave it a try.
Surprisingly – for someone that would normally not go for cheesecake – I really liked the cake and everyone else that tried enjoyed it too. Have a look at the recipe below, it is really not complicated!

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Summer salad á la Annika

Back when I was still a student a few years ago I went round to my friend Annika’s house for dinner one summer evening. She prepared a summer salad with fresh peaches and fried sliced beef – all I can say is it was soooo good and still now it is my favorite salad for summer!
I never had a recipe for it and I tend to forget the ingredients every year – so every year during the first warmer days in spring my friend receives a message that reads roughly like this: “Hey, what are the ingredients for my favorite summer salad again?” – although she was even the one that reminded me this year by sending me pictures of the first summer salad for 2016 – to me this means summer has officially started 🙂
So, to not forget the ingredients again (although it is kind of a tradition now :)) I decided to finally write them down, here on the blog.


There is no trip to Salzburg without buying Mozartkugeln :)

In spring this year we went to Salzburg for a day during our trip to Bavaria. Salzburg is only one hour away by car so I have been a couple of times and every time I go I really enjoy it.
When I think of Salzburg I automatically think of Mozartkugeln and although I really like the city the most important thing for me when I’m there is to buy a sufficient amount of the little treats as they are just something special to me. I just love them – I think my dad let me try one many years ago and since then I am just mad for them.
Mozartkugeln? I am not sure whether they are well known in England…so I thought they (and Salzburg as well) are worth a blogpost so that you either can make them yourself or don’t miss to buy them should you go to Austria…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


The Food Exchange: Happy Birthday & an English favourite

One year ago Lucy and I met virtually via blogging and started our Food Exchange project together. As most of you will know already Lucy and I every month exchange a recipe about a certain topic, bake it and write about it on the post.
So this is our one-year-anniversary and I truly enjoy it every time. It’s fun and interesting to bake things that I normally maybe wouldn’t. It allows me to discover new recipes and learn about English traditions. In a nutshell: I love it!

Talking about traditions: Lucy’s Birthday recipe for me was a complete eye-opener. I have seen this kind of cake before in various super markets but I never thought it was an English classic – in fact, sometimes I found the “face” of Colin the caterpillar a little too scary. I researched a bit and asked my English family and they were quite stunned that I didn’t know it.
Colin was first sold by Marks & Spencer in the ’90s and the Telegraph says “We all know that a children’s party isn’t a real party without a Colin the Caterpillar cake.”- so it was definitely time to make one myself 🙂


Good bye June – Heyho July!

July? The seventh month of the year???! I still can’t believe that half the year 2016 is over already!
But before I talk about July let’s have a look at what happened in June: Actually there was quite a bit of baking going on in my kitchen – For June’s Food Exchange Lucy suggested a raspberry custard tart with thyme to me…so delicious! I made German Mandelhörnchen for a dear friend and we went for a wonderful picnic with sandwiches and homemade lemonade at Tatton Park, Manchester.
One lazy Sunday we made pancakes and I shared the recipe here on the blog. But the post closest to my heart this month was the last one where I told you about my time in Argentina and posted a recipe for delicious Alfajores :).

July will bring one year Food Exchange-Anniversary for Lucy and myself – how exciting!
Apart from that I want to show you a few pictures of some changes we made in our kitchen and I have a few recipes that I definitely want to share with you!
Until then I hope you have a fabulous weekend and hopefully better weather than it currently is here in Manchester.

Love, Greta.