Pancakes – I’ve loved them all my life

One of the first things I can remember from my childhood is my granny making pancakes for my grandad, my brothers and myself. Thinking back it always was a joy for everyone: For my grandad because he just loves to sit and eat with us (until he gets up and moves to the couch right after the meal :)); for my granny because she loves how much we love to eat her pancakes and of course for us kids – because granny’s pancakes are just the best!
The last couple of years my two brothers and I didn’t often manage to meet at granny’s for pancakes – but if we find a rare occasion when all of us are in town it is a feast!
Our friends know granny’s pancakes and often they would come with us and granny would never complain about the amount of pancakes she had to bake.
So it is no surprise that I absolutely love pancakes and whenever I have the chance I make them – not for lunch but more for brunch mainly when we have visitors.
Pancakes are great as most of the ingredients you will have at home anyway so you can spontaneously decide to make them this Sunday morning :).
You can find the recipe I always use below.


For my pancakes I use:
– 400g flour (feel free to use normal or wholemeal flour)
– 3 eggs
– 1 pinch of salt
– 750ml milk
– a bit of sparkling water
– butter

Mix flour, eggs, salt and milk until you have a smooth dough without lumps. Leave to rest for about 10 minutes in the fridge. In the meantime you can prepare the frying pan. Finally add a bit of sparkling water to the dough and mix again. Heat a bit of butter in the pan and start baking the pancakes until they’re done.
I feel that my first pancake never turns out quite right, but from the second one on it becomes really easy 🙂


Topping-wise my principle is anything goes. At my granny’s the most popular filling seems to be potato salad (which almost everyone but our family finds weird :)). But another favorite is apple mousse, Nutella, sugar and cinnamon, fruits…the options are endless.

Also baking pancakes with kids is a lot of fun. It might make a mess in the kitchen but it is so funny to try to throw the pancakes in the air when they need to be tossed.

Writing this post makes me want to go back to my granny’s with my brothers and have loads of pancakes (for the boys a minimum of 7 is a must!)

Have fun making pancakes this weekend. I bet it will make you smile :).


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  1. I can live on pancakes!

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